Is #GamerGate Over?

It does seem, at least from my point of view, that GamerGate has fallen asleep. Have GamerGate won the war? Is games journalism now a more responsible entity that gamers are able to read reviews and profiles in various gaming media and believe they are seeing unbiased reporting?

I believe the war indeed continues. In this case however, the enemy has merely retreated, retrenched, searching for a new weapon to attack the gaming community. Don’t be fooled by their seeming obeisance. Does anyone really believe those that made virulent accusations against gamers, accused gamers of malevolence and even violence (terrorism) are just going to go away? Sure, when their pocketbooks are affected they will affect a different attitude. then GamerGate becomes quiet. For a while.

What happens in the meantime? Well, just like the SJW faction inevitably does when they run out of demons to persecute, some GamerGate supporters start eating their own. I’m not going to give anyone in particular any space here, mentioning them by name, but all who’ve paid attention recently know if whom I speak.

It seems like there are some that require their egos to be stroked. They believe they are the voices of GamerGate when in fact, there are thousands upon thousands. Some of the same people have started their own internal battle for a kind of supremacy deciding who is and isn’t worthy. hey also want to define what GamerGate is after a year. Certainly there needs to be a focus on gaming journalism, where the movement began. The challenge morphed over the past year, not due to GamerGate supporters, but because of the detractors injecting their SJW ideology onto gamers.

This is where that clash started and continues today. Mostly, the SJW’s have been humiliated by their attacks; Never proving a single allegation put forth. but it hasn’t stopped them from continuing their attacks. Even Anita Sarkeesian has had to change tactics from misogyny and sexism in gaming to how violence in gaming causes violence in real life. She’s become the Jack Thompson of the 21st century. Laughable.

Is anyone really paying attention to any of this or are GamerGate supporters exhausted and ready to just move on? I would say that this is no time to claim victory and go home. the relative silence from the aGG team isn’t an indicator they’ve given up. Instead of focusing on internal conflicts which may or may not be valid, keep the focus where it belongs. Those other issues will eventually take care of themselves.

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