U.N. Report Confirms: We Make Up Our Own Data

confirmation bias
So there’s been a lot of discussion on Twitter the last two days, mostly mocking, about the appearance of two serial harassers/professional victims at a United Nations panel on cyberbullying. 

The entire event has received entirely too much coverage and that’s why I decided not to comment on it until now.

Here’s what it comes down to: Nothing. Certainly there are countries that will take it upon themselves to implement some further restrictions in the name of anti-bullying, but these are countries that already restrict speech on the Internet.

Who are the the people on this commission? Well, as best I am able to determine, these

What I found interesting about this parade of PR was the fact that this commission came out with their report before the testimony given last week. And of course, there was no one giving testimony that were in opposition to the facts of this report. I think that’s generally referred to as confirmation bias, isn’t it?

I actually haven’t read the entire report but to summarize, 73% of women have already been exposed to or have experienced some form of online violence.

I guess you really have to go to the references of the report to be able to determine how they came to that number. Let’s take a quick look because it’s important to understand the data from which that conclusion was drawn.

Someone did.

And more here.


I’m not suggesting here that everyone go and read all of these analyses, but it’s good to know there are some people wiling to at least take a look at the evidence presented, isn’t it? I think that’s what skeptics do normally. Of course, we can’t expect a biased commission to present any contrarian views or else the U.N. would probably cancel the check.

No one will actually give this report any credence, because it doesn’t deserve any. Of course there will be those feministas that say, See, we’ve been telling you this for years, now it’s confirmed. But no one with even a modicum of sense is going to ever believe what’s contained in that report.

It’s nice to see on the Internet if nowhere else, this serious report being treated as it should be: with mockery. I wonder if that consitiutes online violence towards women?

One thought on “U.N. Report Confirms: We Make Up Our Own Data

  1. From the discussions I’ve seen, I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that mockery, criticism, and even impassioned disagreement are now being equated (by some feminist activists) as “cyber violence.” If it ends here, this will just be yet another example of ridiculous over-reach along the lines of manspreading. But the concern is that it won’t end here and that there will be attempts to suppress the free expression of ideas online.

    Some of these feminist activists do not seem to be satisfied with current legal definitions of criminal harassment and are seeking expanded definitions whereby nearly anything they found objectionable could be used as grounds to shut down speech. If they cannot accomplish this through the legal system, they are willing to pressure social media networks to enact policies that would have the same effects without the added burden of due process.


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