Immaturity of SJW’s

I really don’t understand some people’s hostility toward Richard Dawkins. Of course he’s a very high profile atheist and there are a lot of people that scrutinize every syllable he utters, especially on Twitter. It seems the man is unable to make a clear point about anything without some taking offense or at least pretend offense to what he says.

Here’s a recent tweet from someone that could not say enough good things about Dawkins prior to “Elevatorgate” and Dawkins’ “Dear Muslima” reply.

Really? Of course for this grifter, it’s all about click-bait. This single person has actually accomplished nothing for atheism or skepticism with the exception of her expertise in drinking and screwing (which she has spoken about many times herself).

Of course, I’m fairly certain that the only sex partners she is able to woo nowadays probably are pigs. Actual pigs. Wait. Maybe I’m wrong. She’s the pig.


Now, I don’t look upon what Dawkins says as the word from on high. Hell, he’s a human and just as the rest of us, is liable to say something out of turn on occasion. Does that mean that he should be constantly attacked by those radical SJW’s because he doesn’t fall in line with their dogma?

Actually, I doubt Dawkins cares much about any of this and by now expects to be attacked every time he tweets. Sure,sometimes he comes back and explains what he meant, but hell, who doesn’t? It’s not like Twitter was invented for exposition. Sometimes it’s difficult to be succinct in 140 characters.

It’s time for some people to grow up and move on. Of course they won’t as long as there are stupid people willing to throw their mommy’s money at you for denigrating people of accomplishment.

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