When Opinion Meets Fact



It happens to everyone. Sometimes we’re just wrong. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve held a certain opinion or belief, when presented with evidence that refutes what we have always considered as fact, we should accept it, humbly, and move on. That’s the way science works. Over years, even decades, new information is developed that gives us a different perspective on what had been considered settled in the past. It’s a good thing, in that we expand and improve our knowledge in some area of science. The same should be applied to our knowedge in other subhects as well. We shouldn’t be cowed by popular opinion, or that which appears to be politically correct views.

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Further Targeted Harassment of Sarah Braasch



Something I do most mornings, is to check my statistics here. I like to know which posts people are reading and am  sometimes surprised to see that there’s one or two out there, from a month or so ago, receiving some traction. I do this mainly because if I know what readers are interested in, I can tailor future posts to attract those same readers. I find there are some I think would initially receive more clicks, that don’t,and vice-versa. So it’s not always clear to me. Then there are those mornings that have me scratching my head.

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Moving Beyond the Crazies



As a conservative, I follow and am followed by, other conservatives on social media, specifically Twitter. I do also follow some liberals and progressives, but the overwhelming majority I think (I’ve never actually counted) are conservative. I try not to follow those I consider the crazies from either side but sometimes until I see a few tweets from someone, I have no idea of their specific political opinions. It’s wide ranging, again on both sides of the spectrum from the reasonable (who I prefer) to the downright conspiracy theorists. there seem to be a lot more lately of the later than the former.

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