Let’s Make Everyone Pay for the Stupidity of One Person

I had not intended to blog anymore this evening but a tweet in my timeline caught my attention and after a few minutes of considering what I had read, saw (there was a short video linked with it that I’ll include), I thought I’d make a better response here.

This tweet concerns a story on Greta Van Sustern’s show, On the Record. Yes, it’s on Fox. No, I didn’t see the show or the story that entailed but the tweet and video stopped me in my tracks.

Unfortunately it looks like Fox doesn’t like any of us directly embedding their content so you’ll need to clink the link below.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

My response to her tweet and the above video was this.


One police officer at one location was denied service by one idiot and Greta believes that all Dunkin Donut shops all across America should have to pay for that one idiot employee’s decision? That seems drastic to me. Besides, how’s the CEO going to force his franchisees to give away a cup of coffee and a donut to every police officer that comes by tomorrow?

Well, he can’t really. Unless it’s a shop owned and operated by the company itself, they operate like any other fast food establishment. You’ve seen the commercials of various fast food shops announcing some heart attack inducing product haven’t you? They all seem to have the disclaimer “At Participating Locations” which basically means, if the franchise doesn’t want to sell the new offering, they don’t have to.

What she’s demanding of Dunkin Donuts is a bit over the top I think. It’s not the corporation’s fault. Maybe just that one franchise could do something but in general I doubt that incident is going to hurt the bottom line. Maybe Greta will call for a boycott of Dunkin Donuts if they fail to accede to her demand.

What will the police do then?

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