Exposing the Stupidity of The Usual Suspects

I don’t often watch or listen to YouTube videos. It’s not because I don’t like the medium, it’s that I can’t really find the time most days to sit and listen to every video someone recommends via Twitter.

Some of the ones I do attempt to listen to just seem more of the same to me. Another rant about a subject that most people I know agree upon anyway. What’s the purpose? So I might listen to a couple of minutes before I discover that the author is really not going anywhere and especially is these are greater than 10 minutes long, not worth my time to listen to.

Then on occasion, there is. Justicar tweeted out a YouTube this morning that was one of the best ones I’ve heard in a while. You can listen to it here. I highly recommend you take the time when you are able.

In this video, the author completely destorys PZ Myers argument in a recent blog he posted about atheists and mass shooters.

I had not read the post as I really don’t peruse FtB much anymore. I find that most of the arguments made by The Usual Suspects are no longer worth my effort in refuting because as Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as Stupid Does” and the logical errors made in the arguments I’ve seen in the past become too numerous to want to make the effort to refute.

Not this guy though. This video takes apart the post almost line for line. It shows Myers for what he is: an angry man. He’s angry because atheists won’t conform to his view of what atheism is. You know, feminism and social justice. Remember Atheism Plus? Well, that’s really what PZ believes atheism should be and you cannot be an atheist without subscribing to his social constructs.

As usual, for one of The Usual Suspects, the argument is all over the place and is self contradictory in places. That’s why its worth your time to watch this video. It is laugh out loud good to see stupidity showcased.

One thought on “Exposing the Stupidity of The Usual Suspects

  1. I refuse to give Myers & his ilk the traffic, it’s good that there are folk out there using “Donotlink” & “Freezpage” to let us “normal” folk a good laugh. The very idea of his commenters are still called “The Hoard” is priceless on it’s own.


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