Christmas Light Fights. Really?

There’s actually a “reality” show on television called “The Great Christmas Light Fight”. Really? I just want to say I don’t watch any of these “reality” shows. I just read something recently that exposed most of these shows as being completely scripted. You still wtach this drivel?

I don’t. None of these shows has the tiniest amount of interest for me. I suspected a long tine ago that these were rigged to begin with. I know a lot of people that used to watch many of these shows but finally realized they were indeeed fixed.

But to create a reality show based on people trying to out-decorate each other during this holiday? Completely stupid. Oh! BTW, I first noticed it was on television last week. I don’t know if it was the first show or not. It’s too much. For me.

Is it possible for Hollywood to come up with some original programming? It seems like all of it is on the cable channels in the last few years. “Broadcast TV”? Try harder.

One thought on “Christmas Light Fights. Really?

  1. Well, they did come up with Celebrity Apprentice, which produced our next president. So they must be doing something right. But yes, I gave up on “reality TV” quite awhile ago.


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