Yes, Conservatives Can Be Atheists


I’m an atheist. I have no qualms with being an atheist. I never have. I’m also a conservative. That, for some, is inconsistant in and of itself. On one side, I’ve been told that being a conservative must mean that I have to believe in a higher power. On another side, I’m told that I’m not really an atheist because, no atheist could possibly be conservative. But here I am.

It’s identity politics, isn’t it? Each side of the spectrum informs me, by their own standard, that I cannot be who I claim to be. I must be confused, or a fake, or, well, I cannot really get the argument presented to me.

I’m not alone. I know this for a fact. I know many people that define themselves politically conservative that are atheists. We are , in my estimation, small in number but I really believe the reason is that many conservative atheists just don’t want to have to justify themselves to either side of the political spectrum. I don’t have a problem with this.

“Conservatives” tell me that without “God”, no one could possibly have a moral compass. I usually have to hold back my laughter and derision. I want to respect their beliefs, but I would also ask them to respect my non-belief. This of course is my rainbow colored unicorn fantasy: People respecting one another without judgement. Fat chance.

Of course, on the other side of that rainbow, are the progressives. (I was going to say,“liberals” but I don’t want to insult them.) These people say I am incapabable of being an atheist only because I identify as a conservative. Why is that? I’ve asked that question many times over the years and have never received an adequate response.

I do understand that the basic understanding of a conservative is a “Jesus believing nutcase”. I would agree with that in general. But it’s not impossible for someone on the other side of the political spectrum to be an atheist. The bottom line here is that there are lot’s of people, from differing political views, that are atheists.

No matter your political persuasion, atheists should be able to come together. Our moral fabric doesn’t come from some book, or some preacher, pastor, rabbi, or imam.

I beleive in the capacity of human beings to resolve the tragedies we see occuring in other countries, daily. Religion has exacerbated all of these issues. Starving people, HIV/AIDS,slavery. Go ahead and add your own in the comments. I will agree with you 100%!

Religion, and I’m not going to choose one over the other, has done nothing for us. All it’s done is cause death, disease, and conflict throughout the world. For centuries.

I’m a conservative and an atheist.

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