Atheists Should Come Together

I was on Twitter for almost four years until one day, I decided I’d pretty much had enough. For me it had become a platform of extremism, toxic to those that had the temerity to stand up for themselves. Mostly, those people that stood up were atheists.

Not the so-called atheists that would condemn others for not rallying behind some useless social justice outrage of the day or week; I regularly mocked those in this blog. If you were a regular reader here, I also stopped blogging as well. I became tired of the daily (hourly?) stupidity I would read from those self-serving con-artists, that usurped atheisism for their personal gain.

Then, after about fourteen months, I decided to come back. First to Twitter to see if anything had changed, then to this blog because I had still believed I had something I could still contribute.

Athesits are a curious group. We’re very diverse and mostly are able to disagree without becoming enemies. I take that to be the absence of the god factor in the equation. We have the ability to dialogue with each other without that same becoming tented in various camps. Those that have done that? Their voices have become lesser in the past few years.

This is a positive development in my opinion. What I’ve been seeing recently is less denigration of those we might disagree with and more discussion. We’re all, never, going to become a single voice in every political or social paradigm.

What we have though, together, is our conclusion, that we all came to separately, is that there is no supernatural force guiding humankind. No “god” determines our fate. We do.

Atheists can do more, if we would just put aside petty differences and focus on what we all are able to agree upon.

I’ve taken this post so far in a different direction than intially intended. Sorry. My original intention was to shine a light on what hasn’t changed since I’ve been off social media. I guess I’ll do that in a later post.

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