Why Are Christians So Nasty Online?

Is it just me? I find some very nasty responses to atheists I follow online from so-called “Christians”. Not all of them of course, and no, I haven’t performed an analysis of my timeline on Twitter to come up with exact numbers, but anecdotally I would place the number of “un-Christian” responses to at least 50%.

Of course, I don’t follow huge numbers of people, neither do I have a huge following on Twitter. That’s by design though. I don’t just tweet about atheism so I don’t receive many unkind responses. Some of the atheists I follow though are pelted with profane responses to any tweet they make. These are mainly from Christians. Of course we atheists, at least in the West, focus our attention on Christianity. Who are these people?

Of course it’s easy to say they are right wing evangelicals. But are all Christians right wing? Actually no, they’re not. Christians come across the political spectrum. Yes a majority are conservative but I think everyone might be a bit surprised by surveys over the years.

This Pew survey, from a few years ago identifies the leanings of Christians.Note there are many that lean or are Democrat.

Another Pew survey breaks it down a bit more. This is the one that actually shows, by religions, who votes/leans one party or another. Notice the atheist percentage.

So, are all these annoying people on the Internet right wingers? I don’t think we ca say that. I think we can say there are probably an equal amount of Christians that devalue atheism. Party affiliation has nothing to do or conservative, and a Christian, doesn’t have anything to say about their responses.

2 thoughts on “Why Are Christians So Nasty Online?

  1. I haven’t encountered many nasty Christians; far more nasty atheists. I think the reason for that is that I rarely engage Christians when they troll me. They usually go away when ignored.


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