Are Atheists Moving Toward The Alt-Right?

Are atheists “veering to the alt-right”? Well, there’s at least one, once prominent atheist, that believes so. I was surprised to see this in my timeline this morning from Godless_Mom. So I read the article she responded to, and then I had to think about it for a while before I decided to respond to it.

The article is titled Too Many Atheists Are Veering Dangerously Toward the Alt-Right. I was of course intrigued by the assertion made. I can’t think of any atheist I know, or even anyone I’ve communicated with online, that I would ever have considered to be alt-right.Most atheists I know are liberal, or even progressive, but far from being white supremacists or neo-nazi’s as asserted in this article. Why would this author make claims like these?

Well, once I saw who the author was, it made perfect sense. Chris Stedman has been making all sorts of allegations about atheists for years. He accuses atheists of being sexist, racists, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, and whatever else he can to place any and all atheists in disrepute.

Of course, the general public eats this stuff up. It is a confirmation bias on their part.

Stedman actually believes that young, white, atheist males trend toward the white supremecy of Richard Spencer. Stedman, however, never offers proof of what he claims. Spencer claims to be an atheist, so there must be a connection there. That’s it.

He’s always been one of those “atheists” of the type, if you don’t agree with me then… In other words, an idiot. He continuously spews nonsense that only resonates with those Social Justice Warriors; People that believe that atheism is something more than just not believing in god(s). What he fails to understand is that atheists are individuals, and not part of any social groupthink. Most, if not all atheists I’ve come into contact with are very much humanist. We care about humanity and there are so many of us involved daily as activists in areas which we are most concerned.

I can’t say that every atheist is an activist, but then I won’t concede that atheism is trending toward an ideology that is repugnant to most people, atheist or not.

Stedman is looking to become relevant again. He was the darling of some a few years ago, but alienated most atheists because of his strident views. He became angry because his views were widely rejected. He still seems to be angry.

Young Mr. Stedman has also marginalized himself among atheists. Is there actually anyone out there that would take anything he has to say seriously? I doubt it. It seems he makes his living now by making outrageous claims that have no basis in reality.

Its long time that Chris Stedman makes an exit, stage right, and try to actually become a productive person.





5 thoughts on “Are Atheists Moving Toward The Alt-Right?

  1. Atheism is not a left or right issue.
    Not all atheists are left.
    Many of us are more right on certain issues and more left on others, as everyone should be.

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  2. Atheism, to me shouldn’t be political at all. But I’ve noticed over the years that most people I know would describe themselves as liberal, even progressive. I think that’s why we see atheism portrayed in the media as “left wing”, or whatever phrase of the day they want to use. I actually find people I meet surprised that I’m a conservative. It’s like I’m some sort of anomaly.

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  3. I’m an Atheist, I’m a /pol/ack, which is far beyond alt-right in terms of right wing authoritarianism, I used to be a Leftists Libtard before becoming an Anti-Democracy An-Cap when I first applied my need for truth to something other than religion and pseudoscience, eventually though, this led me over to becoming what I am now, I had trouble with some of the more socialistic elements of national socialism, but I also had trouble with some of the more globalistic elements of anarcho-capitalism (which would also lead to constantly warring feudal states over time due to the decentralization of force causing people to pledge allegiance to whoever could offer them protection, creating serfs, lords, and nobles in the process), so I combined the best parts of the two, and the result was national capitalism, a night-watchman state with a fascist leadership and a nationalist policy on issues such as immigration.

    I believe in Race Realism, Sex Realism, LGBT Realism, and in the JQ, I believe that the history we have been told in school are lies and half-truths meant to fit a proscribed narrative, and that this does not begin nor end with the Holocaust, I believe that the most powerful people in the world are wealthy Jewish families that are working with the Saudis/Wahhabis to wipe out the White races, and are also planning on creating a greater Israel that would take up the entirety of the middle-east, which is something they’ve been wanting for a long, long, time, meanwhile the Saudis/Wahhabis get Europe in return, which is something that THEY have wanted for a long, long, time.

    My morality is formed by my nihilism; with no objective source of morality, good and evil are merely matters of personal preference, the things we like, we call good, the things we dislike, we call evil, and all moral philosophies are merely people trying to craft some objective-seeming narrative that justifies conclusions they reached due to their own preferences, the second step was asking myself where our preferences come from, the result was genes and memes, memes which cover environmental influences, and genes, which create the biological root from which our memes emerge, all of our moral instincts exist within us because they were the best for seeing that as many of our genes are passed on to the next generation as possible, this is where everything we associate with morality comes from, it is also where the natural human inclination towards racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. come from.

    From this, I’ve created a moral system that integrates gene-based morality into utilitarianism and the NAP, basically, utilitarianism is the base directive, bound by the restrictions of the NAP, and finally, moral preference is given to those who share more genes in common with myself, starting with myself and my immediate family, and ending with humanity as a whole and with all earth-based lifeforms, since race is merely a term for an even further extended family, being that they are defined by sharing many genetic traits in common with one another, my own race takes priority over any other race, and even then, races that tend to have members hostile to my own are given lower priority than races who do not have many members who have displayed hostility to my own, jews, arabs, blacks, and hispanics have a high degree of hostility towards whites, while all other races, such as east asians, southeast asians, indians, khoisan, australasians, polynesians, and native americans have not done so, indeed, there are only four different races out of SO many more that I have a problem with being around, and it is only on the basis of the past actions of their group that I want to live separate from them, why do you think southern US whites have a more negative view of blacks than white’s in the northern US, they lived around more blacks in the mid-to-low placements on the IQ scale, got to see how they treat whites when they have an advantage in numbers (do you think they got treated well?), and learned it was best for their safety to stay away from any and all blacks, it was postjudice, not predjudice, it was the whites in the north US who were predjudiced, judging southerners for their racism without even trying to hear them out, when the southern blacks came north, such as into Chicago and New York, their attitudes changed with their new experiences.

    Instead of being the ones who make more sweeping judgements about people, we are actually the ones who do our research, we now specific crime rates of different populations, we even keep track of populations within populations, such as how a black African who some in under a merit-based immigration system is much less likely to be criminal than one who comes in without screening, because with such a filtering system, we only get statistical freaks, the top of the top of the top, the .1% or some small sliver at the far end of the IQ scale, same too for US blacks who came north before the end of slavery, and the blacks who came north after slavery was abolished, same too for blacks living in mostly-white neighborhoods vs. blacks who live around other blacks.

    You, on the other hand, make a sweeping generalization that applies to every human being on the planet, you never care to look at statistics that show one is more likely to have a given trait than another, everyone is a special snowflake that needs to have everything discovered about them from scratch, at least with a stereotype you take a bunch of characteristics someone is statistically likely to possess, and then make adjustments to that template as you learn more about them, starting from scratch is a mind-bogglingly pointless and absurd idea, it’s not only meaningless effort for no gain, it’s also dangerous enough to get you killed in certain situations (such as when you’re a white guy in an area that isn’t 80% white).

    If you insist I must judge everyone individually, instead of making a statistically informed prediction of future outcomes based on past experience, you insist on abandoning all reasoning altogether for this one special instance, even tough we are both aware that this is a major issue, where reasoning is most needed, and I am aware of the negative effects misjudgement on this issue has had in the past, when every great empire went into decline, they invited people from foreign, often hostile, nations into their borders, hoping to integrate them so that they could become like the existing citizens, the invaders decide they don’t wish to throw away their identities and ways of life to integrate, that they only want to help themselves to the fruits of the prosperity of their host nation, they proceed to rape, kill, and pillage their new homes, ultimately seizing political power over it, then they run their new nation into the ground, until all that is left after years of famine, war, pestilence, and death under the brutal fist of corrupt and inept tyrants are ruins, this happened in Egypt, Sumer, Greece, Rome, etc.

    Anyways, mail me and we’ll have a chat, I want to show and tell you how many atheists there are in the far right.


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