Whats So Bad About Christianity?

I was actually preparing another post on Jesus mythology but a question came up to me, from my daughter during dinner, that had me postpone that post and really think about the question that she asked.

What she asked was , Whats so bad about Christianity? It took me by surprise and I didn’t have an immediate response to her. I had to stop and think.

When we have dinner, it’s basically family time; no phones or even television on while we’re eating. It’s a time to talk to each other and discuss whatever is on our minds. It turned out that on her mind was why is Christianity bad?

I responded that Christianity isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just that those believers live under an illusion, being that this world is inherently evil and that, living a good life, and believing in the saving grace of Jesus, will ensure them a place in heaven.

I told her that all of this was irrational because these same people cannot prove the existence of their god or savior. They live in this life believing that there is something better on the way.

Why would any god allow the pain that many go through? Thousands die everyday from starvation and disease. Wouldn’t it be easy for an all-loving god to eliminate all of these with just a word or a swipe of a hand? Well, of course it would, if there was an actual all-loving god.

Rational people however know that this is the same as believing in Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. Anyone that’s rational knows that these are no more than tales. Tales told to young children.

This is what Christianity expects from their congregations: a suspense of disbelief in that there is a god, even though they cannot see, or actually hear this god.

My daughter and I go to the movies on occasion and the movies we really like to see are those of the science fiction genre. Those films require the same: a suspension of disbelief in order to enjoy them.

In school, my daughter is taught to the test. Never asked to challenge what she’s being taught. I have to do that at home. It’s called critical thinking which when I was young was part of the curriculum. Not today. Children are being taught to believe whatever is presented to them as truth.

Consider for a moment that Christians never question their beliefs. Religion, in general, has nothing to do with fact. It’s about how you feel.The thousands of Pastors out there across the world. What’s their objective? It’s to make their congregations feel good when they leave on Sunday.

Personally, I like feeling good. I like the fact I have a child I’m raising to be her own person.

I don’t mind the questions as to religion because most of her friends, if not all of them, have been raised as Christian,

I want my child to be skeptical. As an atheist, I don’t force my ideas on her; instead, I ask her to look at whatever we’re discussing with a skeptical eye.

So really, what’s so bad about Christianity? If you want to live in a delusion, then nothing. I personally have no problem with those that wish to do so except when they decide what they believe in should be come law.

That’s what I told my daughter this evening over dinner. Christianity is not bad it’s just something that people use to make themselves feel better about their lives. It has nothing to do with the real world.

As an atheist,I don’t disparage religion as much as I ask why? Why does anyone believe in something that no one can guarantee the outcome.

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One thought on “Whats So Bad About Christianity?

  1. i think you’ve got it. The tag that gets people to believe in God is the resurrection. They get hooked on the belief/delusion that they are special and that they will not really die.


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