What Difference Does it Make?

I am so tired of atheists being blamed for all the ills on this planet. It seems to me that if some tragedy isn’t a due to Muslims, then it must be an atheist. I’m referring to the recent school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas and some of the egregious reporting that have implied that the shooters’ atheism must be at least part of the reason for the horrific act.

Of course there are the usual suspects, Christian fundamentalists, like Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who insinuated the shooters atheism as a possible reason why he chose to kill. This is a guy that is an apologist for the Catholic Church and does whatever he can to diminish the fact that the Catholic Church has covered up child molestation and rape for decades. Yeah, I’m going to take this guy at his word.

But there were large media outlets, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times have also mentioned that the shooter was an atheist.

From The Washington Post:

In the Facebook account, he described himself as an atheist and said, “I hate politics.”

A single sentence. That’s all and not pursued any further. The same with the Los Angeles Times.

Of course there were some, like the Catholic League, that want to emphasize that single sentence, like this one. The headline alone tells the Christian community all they need to know: he was an atheist. Or this one in which they describe the 5 things we need to know about this shooter, with of course, one of them being he’s an atheist.

I’m not here apologizing for atheists. I don’t think that as atheists we’re any better, or worse, than anyone else. We just have a single difference with most of our friends and neighbors and whether those people believe we’re evil or not is something we have no influence over in general.

We live our lives, love our families no differently than anyone else.

I just wish the media would come to understand that.

3 thoughts on “What Difference Does it Make?

  1. When the news media is required to turn a profit and becomes more interested in generating ad revenue, things like accuracy and objectivity tend to suffer. I suspect that some of the those who write and edit these articles are biased against atheists; however, it also seems like they are pandering to the biases of their audience a bit too.


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