Blogging Against the Slump


On and off the last couple of weeks, I’ve been having an online discussion with another atheist blogger concerning what seemed to me a sudden decline of viewership over several weeks the summer. It was explained to me that, at least for him, it was normal and that during peak summer months, he too has seen a decline in views.

That makes me think about how often I should be blogging during those months. Is it worth the time? Of course there are days during the summer that I see a return to what I consider normal traffic and on occasion, a spike above that normal.

So I’ve considered that maybe it’s the blog content that attracts people. Looking at my data though, I can’t really make a determination one way or the other. Let me explain further.

There are times when I post something off the cuff, just a quick post on a topic that I’ve been thinking about, not too much research having gone into it. I have actually called these throw-aways. Not that they’re junk, just not my best attempts at blogging, in my opinion. They’re decent, just could be better had I spent a little more time. Guess what? In 90% of the cases, those posts receive a huge number of views!

The next day, I may write about something that I’ve spent more time on, having researched the topic, and spent 2-3 hours( not all at once) writing. Those posts, for the most part, don’t receive the views that the others do. Strange. so sometimes I wonder if it’s actually worth spending all the time researching and writing on a topic that no one (or very few) seem to be interested in reading.

One of the issues ,for me anyway, is that these are posted automatically to Twitter. Why is that a problem? I actually don’t have very many followers there ( less than 200) and unless others, with larger followings retweet a post, it’s rare that I get anything above normal (for me) views.  Hopefully, followers will come, as well as subscribers (that’s on the main page) where more people will at least notice when I post something new.

So, I’ll continue to persist. I’m not a person to give up on anything and I know eventually I’ll see a greater number of views overall. Even though there may be a Summer Slump, and maybe beyond that (for me), it’s worthwhile to continue to write about topics I’m interested in and hope that you too will find them interesting as well.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Against the Slump

  1. You have stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets of blogging: the “throw-away” posts often perform better than the “good” ones. This has long driven me crazy, but it is hard to argue with the numbers. The challenge this creates is whether to write with the goal of increasing traffic (i.e., give the people what they want) or to stick to your guns and write things you consider to be more worthwhile. Fortunately, one does not need to pick one or the other but can do some combination of both.


  2. LOL. Vjack is correct! One never knows what will interest those searching the ether. I like this blog. I am glad I followed a link Vjack placed in a comment on The Atheist Conservative.

    How many people do you have to reach to feel successful and satisfied? How many people do you have to believe are thinking about what you blogged? Of course this is all beyond me, but unless this is costing a small fortune, relax and put your thoughts out there and those who find you will be grateful.

    I suspect the seasonal highs and lows for comments are just that and no reason to despair.


    • I’m not in any despair, just was wondering why all of a sudden, this blog was receving less views than normal. It’s tough to try and decide wht people want to read. Sometimes, the most innocuous topic will attract a lot of ciews. Othertimes, it won’t. That’s the way it goes. I keep at it anyway because I enjoy it. I don’t make any money from this endeavor, and it doesn’t cost a lot to maintain. It’s really like a hobby for me.


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