The Decline of Atheist Blogs


As usual, I was going to write on another topic when I read a piece over at Atheist Revolution. Another well regarded atheist blogger is hanging it up. Yep, he’s decided he no longer has the time to blog anymore. It’s really too bad.

It seems that atheist blogging may be in sunset. I hope not but there just doesn’t seem to be the amount of people blogging today as when I started. I started this blog in 2012, maybe at the peak. After about 3 years, I myself stopped blogging but my reason was that I was exhausted from f the continuous drama. Yes, I blogged about the schism a lot.

So for 2 years, I left pretty much everything with online atheism. I even deleted my Twitter account. I had been spending way too much time online and I thought I should be doing other things with my time. but after a couple of years, I actually missed blogging, so I came back. That’s when I noticed a substantial difference: There seemed to be fewer atheist bloggers than when I left.

A lot of people have moved into producing video. That’s fine, but to be honest, I don’t have a lot of time to watch them. I prefer writing and reading a blog. Most of those that I’ve seen on YouTube seem to take forever getting to the point where a blog can do the same in just a few hundred words. Each to their own I guess.

I’m not dispirited about the state of atheist blogging overall. I think that we may eventually see a resurgence. There are plenty of topics we can write about and discuss no matter the medium and even though sometimes it appears we seem to bring up the same old subject time and again, there’s always a new take on them.


6 thoughts on “The Decline of Atheist Blogs

    • I think maybe people just don’t want to spend the time reading blogs anymore. It’s easy to sit and watch/listen to a video because it doesn’t take the viewer/listener to have to be involved in it. Reading is an activity.


      • In blogging about God, religion et al. who are we trying to convince and how? The dog fighting, I’m taking about dogs, not planes, is not getting the idea across. Gary said something recently about a strategy, so if dog fighting doesn’t work, let’s try humor, whatever? Can we get agreement on (what I feel is) the one thing that destroys God, the delusion of resurrection? Maybe I sound like a mad dog? Well, I’m long in the tooth, that’s my excuse. GROG


      • I’m actually not attempting to convince anyone, juast stating my opinion on something I consider to be harmful. I don’t regularly engage with Christians online because I know there’s nothing I may say that would convince them that their belief is nonsense.


  1. I’m with you in preferring to read a blog vs. watching videos, but we do seem to be in a shrinking minority. As the audience for traditional blogging continues to shrink, I imagine we will see more blogs shut down. I think that’s too bad, but it is also easy to understand why someone wouldn’t want to keep at it if it seems like nobody’s reading.


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