Tell Me Again Why We Need Religion?


It’s the 21st century. We have technology that can connect us all around the world in an instant. We chat with people in other countries over social media. We no longer have to work as hard as we did, even a 100 years ago, to feed and house our families. We live longer lives because of advances in medicine. We no longer fear the dark.

In long times past, people feared the days and nights, the changes of the seasons, the sudden thunderstorms that might pop up. They attributed all of these things to a higher power. We invented gods.

For thousands of years, we, as humanity, have worshipped gods in one form or another. Even though modern people know that those points of light in the sky they see at night are in many cases, galaxies with billions of individual suns, that the earth itself rotates around our own sun and not the other way around; that seasons are due to how the earth wobbles through it’s rotation.

No, I’m not asserting that we live in a perfect world. We have wars, disease, murder,  and all of the the same problems our ancestors had. There is a basic inhumanity that we show one another.  But what good has the worship of god, any god done for us?

The simple answer is nothing. It has done nothing for us in the past and contributes nothing today. Solved any problems with those wars, or diseases, starvation, or anything else? Nope. That’s all on us, from what we’re told. So, why do we need to worship a god that does nothing for us at all except that some may feel better.

Or maybe because some have been indoctrinated to the extent that if they don’t believe, they’ll be punished here and in the hereafter.  This isn’t the 13th century.

I know many people believe that their god gives them a purpose in life to do good to others. But do they really need a god to instruct them on their values? Would these same people be less moral or ethical without a belief that a god was there to ensure they were? If so, I think I might avoid those people.

We know, whether we want to admit it or not, that  there’s no need for a belief in any god.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Again Why We Need Religion?

  1. “Why do we need religion?” Simple answer: We are human! But, ‘religions’ are not created equal. The question might better be, “Do we need a religion(s) which prays for the end of the world?” And, “The sooner the better!!!!” they pray. GROG


  2. I suspect that those who still need gods do so because they fear death and/or would rather believe that they will eventually be re-united with their loved ones in “heaven” than confront the pain associated with loss. I’m not saying those are the only reasons, but they seem like important ones.


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