Nike Signs Kaepernick, Mob Goes Wild


kaepernickAnother week, another outrage on social media. It never seems to end that there will be someone, somewhere offended by a person or a corporation doing something they dislike. I think it’s a sign of the times that we’re all just going to have to become used to. It’s easy to get others stirred up over the smallest things.

In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention the last couple of days, I’m referring to Nike’s signing of Colin Kaepernick as a corporate spokesman.  I first saw this outrage mob on Twitter yesterday and the numbers of tweets in my timeline was just incredible. Every single one was against this deal. I’ve noticed a bit this morning that the mob has not seemed to dissipate.

There have been a lot of people calling for a boycott of Nike, others posting videos burning or otherwise destroying anything Nike that they own.  A bit over the top, don’t you think?

Of course, I read a story this morning from Reuters that shows Nike stock down 3% at the opening of the market, blamed of course on the protest against Nike. People are truly wondering why Nike would make such a decision they had to know might be controversial.

Is it virtue signaling? It wouldn’t be the first time a company made a decision that my possibly hurt profits. Whatever the reason, I think there had to be a revenue component in the decision. I’m certain there are plenty of people that support Kaepernick that will continue to by Nike products and so this is probably not a long-term downside for Nike.

I read a tweet yesterday, nothing that looked official, and have been unable to confirm it, that Nike is going to have a line of Kaepernick  branded sportswear.  You don’t make an investment like that without running the numbers.

Whatever any company wants to do is fine with me. I personally don’t own any Nike branded gear, not because of anything other than it too expensive for just workout wear. I can by what I need, for a whole lot less, at Walmart.

Others can burn their gear, sell their stock, or whatever else they believe is necessary as their own form of virtue signaling. Me? I’m waiting for the next outrage to start laughing at.

One thought on “Nike Signs Kaepernick, Mob Goes Wild

  1. Nike can be confident that this outrage, like all others, will blow over soon. As you have rightfully pointed out in previous posts, we don’t seem to have the attention span to be outraged for more than a couple weeks. Unless the NFL and other organizations decided to end their deal, I doubt they have much to worry about.


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