The Tyranny of Privilege


I have never really understood the fear and loathing of atheists by Christians. For some odd reason, we’re the perpetual bad guys in everything. We’re the ones that are destroying America. Imagine a tiny percentage of the population having that much power when probably most of the 3.1% that identify as atheist are not activists.

But it doesn’t keep those same Christians from bemoaning their predicament. The same seem to always talk about how Christianity is persecuted here in America, and for the those willing to believe such nonsense, it quickly becomes fact without anyone ever performing the smallest amount of due diligence to discover if those claims are in fact, accurate.

Anyone would think that such protestations by Christians are because they are some sort of minority that need to be protected from the evil influence of secularism within our society. In fact, they are far from being a minority in any sense of the word.

It might be a cause for anger if it weren’t so sad. To live in a country that may not discriminate against any person based on their religious belief is not enough for some. These want to be accorded some special privilege based on tradition. Their tradition.

I have a solution for them: lobby for a change in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. We always discuss the Establishment Clause but there’s a second, equally important clause about religion known as the Exercise Clause that states “…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” meaning religion. Problem solved if they can get a supermajority in both houses of Congress to pass a change and get the same in the individual states to ratify the new language. Then, Congress would be free to pass laws prohibiting those awful jews and Muslims from freely practicing their belief as well as probably ensure that Christians are finally given what they’ve been wanting for 50years: that special privilege, ensconcing their beliefs into law.

Of course none of this will ever occur, at least during my lifetime and for those same Christians that are always on television excoriating the rest of us about the rule of law, would be a bit hypocritical I think.

Freedom is not just for one religious belief, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. It’s for every American. Christians need to recognize that they’re not a persecuted minority and that others than themselves have rights as well.

One thought on “The Tyranny of Privilege

  1. Is there any persecuted group in the USA? We have it sooo good here and people are forever pissing on their own nation because they feel victimized. Then…leave. Go to Sweden or Denmark or Venezuela.


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