Conservatives are Voices of Reason Too


I’m rarely ever curious as to what people think of me as an atheist or a conservative or how a conservative can actually be an atheist. I mean, all we’re talking about is a disbelief in god(s) and I’ve never understood how any other ideology had anything to do with that. But for some, it seems to be a worthy of discussion.

I watched a short video today, that one of the topics was indeed just that. What I found fascinating was watching 2 liberals talking about conservatives as atheists and it was actually enlightening for me to see people discussing others that it appeared to me, had probably never actually had a conversation with an atheist that was a conservative.

That’s okay, and sort of expected but there was a bit of what I thought of as condescension and that instead of discussing people  was more like they were discussing another species.

Let’s be honest here, it doesn’t matter what any conservative atheist has to say, in the opinion of especially these 2, it is wrong. They make assumptions on what a conservative atheist thinks or believes based on what? Well, most conservatives they’ve met or read about are religious so it goes without saying that a conservative atheist would hold the same ideology.

It really made me think for a few minutes if either of these gentlemen had really ever held a lengthy conversation with anyone who doesn’t automatically think the same way they do about anything.

Conservative atheists, in the U.S.,  live in a world where 90% of fellow non-believers are liberal and it’s not difficult to find a blog, or a podcast, or a YouTube channel that tows that particular ideological stance.  We, as conservatives and atheists, are more difficult to find (we do exist!) and therefore without having the same voice as others, are often misrepresented.

I think that these 2 would be surprised, if they made an effort, to find perfectly rational and reason conservative atheists are out here and that none of us are troglodytes. Then again, that would disabuse the narrative and as I’ve discovered over the years, wouldn’t be allowed to happen.

7 thoughts on “Conservatives are Voices of Reason Too

  1. Shoot! Can’t watch the video, as I am currently out of data or the wind is blowing too hard..or who knows with my lame internet server and being stuck in the middle of the forest.

    I dare say that the two libs were ignoring atheism and merely reacting to conservatism, because everybody KNOWS that any flavor of conservatism is evil and ignorant and irrational. Even if an atheist manages to show up in the bunch, they have most likely been raised by KKK rednecks and Bible thumping bitter clingers who belong to the NRA.

    We lose. Just like God always wins.


    • Consider:

      Him: So you’re a conservative?
      Me: Yes.
      Him: Do you believe in god?
      Me: No.
      Him: Oh, great! Your’re an atheist then! We have common ground! Let me tell you how whatever you think/believe is wrong.

      That’s pretty much how it looked to me in the video.


      • Good Blog!

        All I really heard in this video was” I can’t believe conservatives can be atheists”
        That’s like insinuating its just impossible for people with green eyes to have red hair. And what it tells me is that neither of these 2 have ever met anyone with green eyes w/ red hair or( as you mentioned) met a rational conservative atheist for that matter.
        Atheism & ideology are mutually exclusive. As separate as water & oil. Atheism is not a world view, its nothing more than a single position on a single issue. If someone believes in god, they are a theist. If they do not, they are an atheist. Everything that is considered ideological is separate. Which is why believers just like non-believers can be conservative, liberal, libertarian, green party, pro-life, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-gay marriage, etc. None of those things are derived from atheism. Atheism doesn’t instruct people what to do, it just tells them what they do not believe in.

        Right or Left affiliation, it doesn’t make anyone less atheist, or less human.


  2. Heavy sigh… As I wrote before, I have found that I have more in common with believers, who share my conservatism than I do with atheists, who do not.


  3. One of my friends is a Trotsky-Marxist Communist, which I was unaware of when we first met some years ago.

    He told me months later that when he heard me casually mention that I was an atheist (which is not remarkable in Boston), he automatically assumed that meant I was a Communist too.


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