Profound Insights From Christians


Sometimes I read something online from an obvious Christian that makes me scratch my head. I sometimes have to read it 2 or 3 times because what I think I initially read is so glaringly stupid, it defies the imagination. Clearly, the person writing believes what they are telling everyone is profound in some way, but to we heathens, at least me, makes absolutely no sense.

If you dare to see the invisible, God will do the impossible.

My first thoughts on reading this, was that the person was praying and that God gave this person this message during that session. That seems less obvious though than something the same person may have heard at church. I can recall, sitting on Sunday mornings, listening to a sermon, and occasionally there would be one of these that would get the congregations attention. Of course, none of us ever stopped and actually tried to figure out exactly what it meant, and it was never actually explained, but it sounded good.

How does anyone see the invisible? Is this supposed to be a metaphor of some kind? If so, it’s not very well constructed. Maybe it’s about attempting to see heaven, or God’s greatness, or, well at this point I’m just guessing. To any rational person, this part of the statement is just silly. Maybe it’s simply about trusting God. Why not just say that then instead of wrapping it up in indecipherable language? Well, that’s the mystery of Christianity, isn’t it?

The second part is less ambiguous to me, but it raises a question or two because I was always taught, as a believer that nothing was impossible for God. Those that have actually read their holy text should know this, and even if they haven’t, it’s something that is taught to school children in Sunday school.

So maybe all this actually means is: Trust in God, nothing is impossible for him. Now, how difficult is that to say? No, we have to have people stay up late into the night crafting what they consider profound insights.

5 thoughts on “Profound Insights From Christians

  1. If you dare not to see the invisible, God cannot do anything. It works for me.

    Reminds me of a Sci-Fi short story, in which a picture of Jesus appears if you stare at it the correct way…but then, you become visible to the dragons and they eat you.


  2. This sounds like one of those bits of “wisdom” one might hear from one’s evangelical pastor and reflexively parrot without stopping to think about it. Reminds me of how some think that Deepak Chopra is worthwhile.


    • Yes, that’s why I referred to that in the post itself. I can remember, a long time ago, sitting in church, getting these “pearls of wisdom”. never questioning the actual meaning. For some reason though, they believe this to be something of mystery and enlightenment.


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