Bringing All of Us Together


I don’t know about anyone else, but one thing I’ve learned in my longish life is that I don’t know everything. When you’re young, you tend to think you have all of the answers, but as you grow older, you discover that those things believed in your youth were nothing more tha passing fancies.

As I have stated, I’ve asked a few others to come onboard here to give their perpectives on some of the same issues I write about, or maybe even others that i’ve never considered. How horrible is that! To have people write about what they think and believe withought anyone cesoring their words or thoughts?

That’s the idea hwere. It’s not that I’m going to stop writing at let others do it, what I want for my audience is to hear other peoples opinions; possibly on the same subjects I write about but even more on other topics I’ve never broached.

There aren’t really any rules here, other than if someone writes a piece that requires  validation of a kind,m that they provide that for the rest of us,. I always try to do that. But that’s it. This blog is mainly opinion and those new writers that have come aboard are welcome to their own without any comment from me.

I really think it’s good for visitors here to be able to to view content that they nmay not ever see deom a single-sourced blogs. Really, how much do you really want to hear from me? ?I like the idea that there will be, ocassionlly, others her that may further stimulate your thinking, no matter the sybject.

So please stay with me (us), as we attempt to stimulate your thoughts and hopefully draw you into subjects you’ve not consdered, or have decided not to involve yourself in as maybe they become to personal as well. We can all learn from each other.

5 thoughts on “Bringing All of Us Together

    • Thank you. I think that we’ll be able to bring more people out of the shadows and once people start seeing ither athors here, will come back afain and again.


  1. More voices and opinions, not fewer! Quite often messy, but well worth it. I think this is what America’s founders and framers expected of us. Might be hard to always keep everything civil and intelligent, but those are goals for which to strive.


    • More atheist/skeptic voices. Instead of everyone having to xreate and maintain their own site, why not have people come to one place where they can view several different authors?


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