I Can(‘t) Read Your Mind


Somwthing, over time I found I am unable to do is read anyone elses mind. Strange isn’t it? I have no idea what anyone else is thinking about and neither do they know what I am as well.

But it always seems, at least to me, that someone believes they know exactly what I’m thinking. It’s not possiblr, but I always give that peson the benefit of the doubt to be able to acertain my mind. Of course they can’t; No one can know for certain what another person is thinking about. MAybe they can guess based on their mood, but then it’s only a guess.

I’ve noticed over a bit of time that theirs a commercial on television called “California Psychics”. Of course it’s advertised, in small lettering as “For Entertaiment Purposes Only” but it amazes me that they hsve enough money to even advertise nationally. They use, some that are supposedly “real” clients that discuss how much their reader knew about them andd what they were looking to do. Of course, all of this without the client giving away anything as a hint (sure),

There’s absolutely zero science behind any of this and yet people are willing to pay, we;; whatever it is per minute to have someone validate what they believe about themselves. Bevause they advertise it as “Entertainment”, no one, including the Fedeeral Trade Commission can come after them but I still believe a scam is a scam and that what people like this are doing is nothing more than taking money from unsuspecting people. Vulernaable people, that believe for some reason they have nothing else to lose, except a few dollars.

I see this as nothing different than those televangelists that, for a couple of follars will send yopu a magical prayer cloth, or better, yet, some of God’s own spring water that will instantly solve all of your financial problems.

People are welcome, in my mind, to believe in whatever they want whether it be some”psychic” or some preacher with magic water , but I’d think that by this time, you know, in the 21st century, we’d see less of these grifters and that people woud actually be better educated, believers or not.

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