Don’t Be a Goat


If I’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s to be exrea-skeptical about anything I read on social media. I’ve beem caugut before, being the goat (one of many) thst have retweeted a story that turns out to be completely false. Some of these even come from those that we normally consider trusted sources.

By those I am of course referring to what has become known as Mainstream Media, and even the large cable networks as well that for some reason. even though they have beccome mainstream, are not regularly described that way. Maybe instead of using Mainstream Media to describe the networks, and large circulation newspapers, they should instead be referred to as Old Media.

We have so many choices today, not just on television, but online as well, and as skeptics, we need to be able to discern the difference between fake news and real news.  It’s difficukt sometimes because even those from Old Media will pick up a story, found online, and without any verification, report it. The use of anonymous sources have become so prevalent that it becomes impossible for the average news consumer to know if what they are reading, or viewing is true or not.

It used to be that if there were multiple outlets reportimg the same story, then we, the consumer, would be able to believe that what we are being told is the truth, No longer as many use the exact same sources for what  ends up being fake news, with hardklly a mea culpa from any of those that headlined the story.

Unless there is at a minimum, one source willing to go on the record, I immediately dismiss the story. It may turn out to be true eventually, but what we’re seeing is not journalism. Not even close..

I well recall the Watergate scandal and some of the great stories written by Woodward and Bernstein. Since then, it seems every reporter, local or natioanal, wants to be the the next W&B. They all, all of them, have agents. They’re looking for the next big thing that may catapault them into the national, or international scene. With the advent of the Internet and the news sites out there, it’s only become worse.

What am I say though all of this? Don’t be a goat.  Be careful about what you view and selective on those that you share with others.


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