No Matter the Outcome, Respect the Vote


I hadn’t really planned to write about the impending midterm elections but I‘ve been noticing some disturbing trends in social media and of course, I thought I would make a few comments here. When I use the word trend, as I did, I’m not referring to any particular topic or hashtag becoming popular, it’s a few people making disturbing statements.

Yes, it’s only a few, and no, I won’t lend them any credibility by displaying them here, but  they are indeed disturbing, if they’re serious and not just a few kooks out there trying to garner some attention. In today’s climate, either is possible. I don’t think any of us need give someone the impetus towards violence though and that’s what these are referring to. Explicity calling for violence “if the Democrats fail in the midterms”, is not something anyone in this country should support.

We’re already seeing the results of incivility in our political system with some politicians encouraging their supporters to be uncivil. That alone is unacceptable no matter the party, but to call for violence because of an election loss, is despicable. I don’t know how many times in my life I’ve voted for a candidate who’s lost. Was I disappointed? Yes, but I didn’t then claim there was some sort of manipulation of the vote nor did I advocate violence.

I think that the reaction on November 7 is going to be interesting. I have no specific predicitons here, but it seems that everyone believes the Republicans will continue to hold the Senate – even pick up a few seats, and the House is a toss-up, where just a couple of months ago everything I read or heard assured me Democrats would win the House. I can tell it’s not a sure thing by watching CNN and MSNBC, where their pundits are having fits right now about the possibility that Republicans will retain control of the House as well.  The venom spewed by some is remarkable.

Whatever the result, no one should be calling for anything other than the acceptance of the result. It is we, the people that cast the votes and determine the outcome, and we all need to respect whatever that turns out to be.



2 thoughts on “No Matter the Outcome, Respect the Vote

  1. I have always been dismayed by those who vote the straight party ticket, especially in State and County elections. I am dismayed during the run-up to this election by those who insist that Conservatives MUST vote Republican or consider not voting at all. We are Conservative Democrats, which are still called Blue Dog Democrats. Maybe half of those I am voting for this election are Republicans. I have wavered over our incumbent Representative to the House, because a terrific young man is running against him and is a Conservative Democrat. Yes..yes…must keep the House, so I was going to reluctantly vote to keep the Republican in. We had voted for him twice

    Then he joined the ranks of other local Republicans in turning very nasty with misinformation and innuendoes in his advertising. That was it for me. I am voting for an elected official with integrity, common sense, experience, intelligence and who has a connection with his or her constituents.

    That is what we are supposed to do; choose someone to represent us. Why should I choose someone based solely upon his or her political designation? Why would I fall on my sword by not voting? This reasoning is as insulting as telling black people to not vote if they can’t vote Democrat or telling wives to stay home so as to not cancel out their husband’s vote, if they should choose to vote different from him.

    When Barrack Obama won, we were depressed for some time…but we did not protest, scream and riot. Instead, we prepared a bit more and kept up with the news and supported candidates we wanted to win the presidency. And…then we hoped Trump would be better than we thought, that he would prove to us he was worthy, and so far, we are pleased.

    This election is a choice, as several have stated, between America and Communism. We understand the need to keep the House in Conservative hands, but for us that means not necessarily total control by Republicans.

    Perhaps we are not out of the Socialism woods yet, but choosing Conservative candidates of integrity despite party affiliation, is to me the better path out of the woods. It might mean that we wander longer, but in the end, I believe it brings us out a stronger Constitutional Republic and for a more lasting time.

    Face it, this in only the most recent battle in the long war against Communism.


    • I think it’s troubling to see some advocate violence if they don’t get their way, as if that’s going to influence some to either not vote, or just decide to vote against their conscience because of potential threats. If anything, I think that would energize the opposing party, as well as independents, to vote against them. It’s a stupid tactic, and should be loudly discouraged.


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