No One is Actually Listening


Ever get the impression that when we atheists are speaking that no one is actually listening? I do, all the time and all I have to do is peruse my Twitter timeline to discern this to be a fact. Are the Christians out there really outraged by our blog posts, tweets, and memes?

Some may actually be but I think the vast majority, even those that will engage an atheist, don’t care about anything we say. They don’t care that they don’t understand basic scientific principles, or that we bring up numerous inconsistencies in their holy text, or even that different denominations may believe differently.

Their leaders tell them that everything we say is a lie, perpetrated by Satan, and even when we use their own words to prove what they preach is false, again, it seems to fall on deaf ears. So I often wonder if it’s even worth anyone’s time to engage either personally or online? Just as they are not going to change my mind, I have exactly the same chance of changing theirs.

For some reason though, we want to persist in what appears to be an exercize in futility.  Sometimes it’s fun to watch the back-and-forth on social media, othertimes, it’s just the same old thing and appears to be a waste of time, to me. And as to others? Those non-religious that may appear to be receptive to what atheists are saying? I think that’s probably a monority, if there are actually any at all. Even as an atheist, I now normally just scroll by those discussions on Twitter.

No one is forced to partcipate (on either side) and at best, that I’ve seen, is only good for ego stroking, possibly adding followers but then it just becomes an echo chamber. We’ve had enough of tht in the last several years I think and we would be better served with more community action that debating with those that really don;t care what we’re saying.


3 thoughts on “No One is Actually Listening

  1. For what little it might be worth, you have played a role in convincing me that there are conservatives out there who are both capable of and interested in being reasonable. You’ve also helped me remember that it can be worthwhile to communicate with those who hold different political views.


    • Thank you. Something I think people don’t do often enough is actually listen to each other. We have predetermined who a person may be due to some affiliation that we have decided is the antithesis of what we believe/think without considering that the other person may actually be someone that is able to argue intelligently and that maybe, just maybe, the other person has an actual valid point.


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