Voices? What Voices?

3C837A78-23C3-4A71-9450-6EA61A2B290C.jpegI’ve had a couple of inquiries as to where these voices are I have previously blogged about that are coming to this site. Well, if you’re a regular reader here, you’ll have noticed that John has contributed twice already( here, and here). There are two others as well, but they’ll get to it when they are able.

When I asked these people to join here as Authors, I placed no restrictions on them, nor did I say they had to contribute any more than they wanted to. Write daily, weekly, monthly…it’s up to them. I suspect we’ll all be seeing more soon.

Unlike me, people have lives outside of blogging and I get it that we’re not going to see  fresh content from any of these people constantly. So be patient, it’s coming our way. I think everyone is going to be happy with what they see here in the future, just as many were from John’s first two posts.

Hang in, it takes a bit to get all of this going, and yes, if you’re interested in being an occasional contributor, just hit the “Contact” button on the Home Page here, let me know what you’re interested in writing about, and there’s a good possibility to be added as an author.


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