My All Hallows Eve


So, last night being Halloween, I have to say I never know how much candy to buy because I never know how many kids are actually going to be out. It does, I think have something to do with the weather sometimes, but overall, it’s always been nice weather here, albeit sometimes a bit chillier than others.

But I always go out and buy a load of candy. What I do is not hand it out personally, but allow the kids to take what they want. In fact, for the real little ones, I have them take both hands, and scoop out what they can from my bowl into their hands. I’d rather their parents deal with all of that candy than have leftover that I know I won’t be able to resist.

I also don’t buy the cheap-o stuff – well mainly. The mini candy bars, the same with the Reeses cups, as well as M&M packets, etc. Come to my house and your gong to get some good treats!

I also enjoy the costumes. some of them are very creative and are not just those “store bought” one’s we see advertised on television weeks before. The makeup is also good, especially those that love to come as “zombies”, that’s been the thing around here for a few years. But even the witches  – one little girls costume, homemade because I asked her mother, as well as the makeup, was just fantastic!

By the end of the event, which only lasts for around 2 hours here, I still had about 1/3 of my candy left. No one had been by for a bit and I was about to turn off my porch light when the doorbell rang. It was  2 girls, sisters, one about 4 the other 6, that had been by earlier. Their mother apologized but the girls wanted one more chance at getting some more candy – from me. Of course they can have it!

I divided the remainder between the two. It basically filled their little pumpkin buckets. They were so happy. I wished them a Happy Halloween and they the same to me. It’s so nice to see happy children on a night where it really is all about them.


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