They Just Want Atheists to Go Away


So, recently I read Jack’s post over at Atheist Revolution concerning free expression and the difficulty atheists have with just that: being able to actually say what we want without any fear of repercussion. I agree with that sentiment and of course, it’s more than apparent online that there are those that wish we’d just go away.

Think I’m exaggerating?  I also saw a tweet that reinforced just this:

I wouldn’t complain about internet atheists so much if they’d just go away.

Yep, some people just want us to go away. They don’t want to hear anything we have to say or maybe don’t believe we have the right to state what we want. Of course, with social media, it’s easy to not hear what may offend your sensibilities: you can choose not to follow that person, block or mute them. There! Now all those nasty atheists won’t disturb your precious fantasy world.

Of course when I see any disparagement of atheists, I smile. No, I don’t become angry or outraged in the least. The reason is that these same people may be unaware that a neighbor down the street, or even a colleague at work, may in fact be an atheist.  Of course most atheists don’t go around announcing their non-belief to any and all, whether they want to hear about it or not.

When I see statements like above, I wonder if people actually get the concept of free expression at all or is it only their words that are allowed to be heard? If someone doesn’t like having their beliefs challenged, no matter what is entailed, maybe they should not use their platform with the sole purpose of attempting to bait others that do not share the same.

I wonder what they would think if actually no one took their bait? I think that would be interesting. Sometimes, just ignoring stupid is just as good a tactic as engaging with it. Of course, for some atheists, it is a way to at east attempt a serious dialogue, to show others that no, we don’t hate GOd, and no, we’re not unethical or immoral. But I wonder ow many are convinced?  I’d like to thin that we can make inroads with believers but when the message that they hear is that atheists are evil, spawn of Satan, immoral, etc., there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot we are able to do to dispel what they are indoctrinated to believe.

We always like to talk about the 1st Amendment, and how everyone deserves the right to express their beliefs and opinions, no matter how unpopular they may be at the time. That same amendment though is a trap for those that want to limit some expression because as we all should be aware, once we try to prevent – and possibly succeed – in limiting another, we may find ourselves in the same position.




4 thoughts on “They Just Want Atheists to Go Away

  1. Lest we forget, atheists are people, who work for a living, have neighbors, join the PTA, run for elected office, help with local charities, have family and friends, set up play-dates for their kids, endure teenaged dating rituals, attend weddings and funeral services.

    Living online is simple.

    Living in the real world is difficult enough without making waves over our lack of belief, the right to have no belief and explaining to others what that actually means.

    People who truly accept that the legacy of our Bill of Rights is one of the most important parts of our nation’s Supreme Law understand that the “freedoms and rights” come with active duties to support them for all citizens…or it fails and our Constitutional Republic falls.

    I believe that it is true that the current atmosphere in our country does not support full acceptance of that legacy. Frankly, it would weary me to consider discussing my atheism or the First Amendment in regards to atheists with anyone in my real life. I am suspect enough just claiming one can be a Conservative Democrat, also known as, Blue Dogs.

    Sorry for my fatalistic heavy sighing…just weary of life off the farm. Always happy to turn in the lane and shut out the rest of the world.



    • There are too many today in this country that want to shut down the ability of those they disagree with to speak freely. I may disagree with someone, but I don;t think anyone has the right to shut them out of the conversation. I may consider the speech “raciist” or whatever, but that person still has the right to speak (In this country). none of us are forced to listen to, or read, anythiing we disagree with.


  2. One of the things I have learned (the hard way) is that it is tough to make inroads when the indoctrination begins as early as it often does. Some of the Christians I meet have well over 20-30 years under their belts of being told how evil atheists are before I come along. That’s a tough hill to climb.


  3. Good article. As someone still newly deconverted 2 years in I never realized just how tough it can be for someone openly agnostic/atheist. I believe that is why it is so important for those of us who can help pave the path do so. Even if it is in small ways via social media, this website or others like it. That is why I am building out my own website to be a site that those who deconvert can visit and become part of the community and maybe share the site with family or friends to help them see skepticism “branded” in a proper light. My hope is to build a positive site with resources, deconversion stories so they can see who this community is, and provide educational resources, links to debates, thoughts on afterlife, etc and more. Any feedback or thoughts of what would be helpful for believers who are referred to the site by a deconvert would be helpful. Again the intent is to make it friendly for both believer and atheist. BTW, plan on contributing a blog this week just been out on a work event for last week so it has made it difficult to get in front of computer till today.


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