Are Christians Persecuted?


I don’t know what Christians are referring to when they claim to be persecuted. There are certainly some countries where, as a minority, they are, but I don’t see it here. How can a rligion be persecuted when they are in the majority? What exactly are those claims of persecution?

I’ve actually asked those quetions to Christians I know and have never received a reponse that actually makes any sense. For some, it’s  that our society has become too secular while others just believe it’s a general disdain of Christianity. Neither of those responses make much sense to me. We’ve always been a secular society, less in the past than today, but still secular. And I don’t see the disdain there either; Those same people say that we’re a Christian country.

I don’t see any laws being passed that specifically target Christians, or any other religious group. So where’s all of this persecution I keep hearing about? I think it only exists in the minds of some and that’s because their religion no longer receives any preference as they may have in the past.  It’s the clearly Christian demoninational prayer at the City Council meeting, and the prayers at public events of public schools, which are no longer allowed that seem to be a form a persecution to those that would shut out any other belief.

I don’t think those same Christians realize how offensive it may be to others,  to have a certain religious belief shoved down their throat. I may be wrong here, but the persecution that is spoken of is no more than the preference, or privilege, of Christianity has been taken away and that’s something that is just intolerable to them.

I find calling that persecution to be offensive. They’re still allowed to worship, in fact just turn on a television, especially on a Sunday morning, and Christian programs  dominate the airwaves. Persecution would be if those programs were not allowed. And churches of all religious faiths  have special government consideration in that they pay no taxes.  I still wondering where the persecution comes in to the picture.

I guess though that after so long having special privileges within society, having some taken away may feel like a form of persecution. It’s not, it’s treating everyone equally, and Christians need to get over it.


One thought on “Are Christians Persecuted?

  1. Let Sharia become the norm and they will get a taste of persecution, as will we all.

    I have no idea why we keep hearing about this, but it is similar to the notion that America is the worst place to be a woman.


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