Society Needs Atheists


I recently wrote about the problems atheists have in trying to become a part of society It may have seemed a depressing post to some because the trials and tribulations of some that are atheist, yet cannot express themselves, is troubling. I was just pointing out the obvious that all atheists know: we’re discriminated against more than any other group.

As we all know, the problem isn’t with being an atheist, it’s with those people that believe that those of us that won’t recognize the true faith, however that’s defined, is somehow an affront to them and in someway, some how,, we must be dealt with to exclude our voices from the public square.

Society needs us, we atheists. That may sound strange to some but it’s absolutely true. We provide those that wish to worship as they will, that opportunity to do so. We also ensure that government, at any level, does not prefer on belief over another.  In other words, all we ask of governmebt is that they adhere to the Constitution.  For some, that’s abhorrent and that’s why in many circles we are viewed so poorly.

How dare we prevent a sectarian prayer in an obvious public venue. No one ever considers that the prayer offered may not in fact be inclusive of everyone attending the public, government sponsored, event. My religion usurps yours.

Atheists come in and say none of you are particularly special and you cannot claim any exclusivity where one belief trumps another. Keeping religious belief in check is not something anyone should fear, or despise. It guarantees all of us freedom whether we worship or not.


2 thoughts on “Society Needs Atheists

  1. Since I’ve never had any issue with non-believers, maybe I’m not the guy. But I think the issue is more, or deeper, than that. I think it is because so many don’t know what it means to not believe in any god. It is what people say about atheists which makes the situation worse. They see it as immoral and dangerous. G. H. W. Bush even said that we are not good enough to be American citizens (“No, I don’t know that Atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots”). We are not free to think whatever we wish. I think it is more and deeper than a defense of one religion. It is a false view that non-believers are evil. “Worse than murderers or rapists.” And it is disgusting.


  2. The fact that I or my kids are atheists has, in fact, blown the minds of Christians who know us, like us, respect us and trust us. That anyone can be an atheist equally blows their minds.

    How can this be? How can you live? How can you get up in the morning?

    I would love to link this to the Abrahamic religions, but Jews don’t have this mind-blowing situation happen to them. Are they simply more enlightened? I think, yes…

    Islam and Christianity hold to the notion that not only is atheism impossible, but dangerous, as well. The other gods didn’t seem to have a terrible problem with non-believers or with those who worshipped a different set of gods.

    From Islam we learn that all human beings are Muslim and from Christians we learn that all human beings have either accepted that God is their Father or have rejected God as their Father, but he is there just the same.


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