Is There an Atheist Agenda?


Most of those I talk to that know I’m an atheist always want to know what is the agenda of atheists? I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that atheists, as a whole, have some sort of agenda. Sometimes, facetiously, I want to say that yes, we indeed have an agenda, as if there is some mysterious Atheist Cabal plotting something nefarious, but I think better and just say that I’ve never heard of any specific agenda.

What would be the agenda if we atheists, as a whole, had one? From where I sit, I can’t place my finger on anything I would consider an agenda by atheists. Sure, we want to uphold the freedoms we all enjoy – not being persecuted for what we believe or not believe as well as keeping a separation of church and state, but does that qualify as an agenda?

I don’t think so because there’s nothing ideological about any of that.  We can be politically liberal or conservative and  hold those views.  In fact, no one has to even be an atheist to agree with those ideas. If there is an agenda somewhere, it’s being kept a very close secret and as we all know, more than a few people involved would not be able to keep a secret like that.

I do ask why there is thinking that atheists have some agenda, but I never receive a satisfactory response.  It’s always something to the effect that we want to destroy religion. Personally, I don’t want to destroy anything, but I do think that life would be better for everyone if religion had less overall influence. If that’s an agenda, which again is not ideologocal nor is it just something that atheists want, then there it is folks.

I think that atheists are too diverse to have a specific agenda. Unlike a political party, we don’t have a platform that we all vote on, and if there were a platform, I think I could guarantee that not everyone would agree with it.

There’s no reason to be afraid of atheists.  We don’t have an agenda to conquer the world or rend society asunder. We’re just regular folks – like everyone else.

12 thoughts on “Is There an Atheist Agenda?

  1. I wrote a brochure intended to persuade people to consider atheism. I would be glad to share with anyone, or perhaps I should create a blog for it. The problem you point out (as I see it) is that members of religions tend to see atheism in that organizational light. We are not members of any club, but there are organized groups mostly intended to support free thinkers. Here is part of what I said in the brochure:

    “Atheism has no rules, no headquarters, no spokesperson, and no scripture. There are no official councilors, spiritual advisors, ministers, or leaders. Whatever you make of [your] atheism, feel free to experience and appreciate the awe and wonder of the world and the universe as you see them.”

    Some atheists would indeed like to destroy religion. Would the religious like to destroy atheism? I would like to see religions/churches pay taxes and for profit postal fees (they are for profit), and I insist they keep their nonsense away from me. But ‘destroy’—that isn’t even possible.


  2. I think that many Christians believe that atheists want to keep the children of believers from continuing in the faith of their parents. I think that is the evil “atheist agenda” over which they worry.

    And, that is a genuine concern for the devout, because it means the loss of their children’s souls and salvation and ticket into heaven. That is pretty devastating for them to consider.

    I suppose we could consider a “Christian agenda” to be the ongoing propaganda by our children’s peers, teachers, coaches, out-reach programs, Scouts, street evangelists, daycare workers and many Conservative pundits and elected officials and our own family members and friends. That is a lot to work against as an atheist parent rearing atheist children.

    That this same “atheist agenda” is at work in groups that sue local municipalities over Christmas decorations and crosses dedicated to our warriors and at work in Communist regimes to enslave its citizens would be frightening to me, were I a Christian parent. It is an evil atheist agenda that would seek to destroy a family’s faith and a nation’s, if it could.

    Our protestations are only somewhat effective on a personal basis, but then that is only us as we relate to those we know and who know us, and does not amount to much in the scheme of things.

    Maybe I will ask on the Christian forum, where I post from time to time. It is very, very slow there right now and I haven’t shaken any branches lately. I will report back what they describe as our agenda.


  3. How about this: I’d like religious believers to treat atheists a bit better than they do (e.g., set aside the bigotry and discrimination, stop passing laws to impose their religion on us, etc.).


  4. Okay, I have been conversing with my Pentecostal Evangelical online friends and they (all older than I) weren’t sure what I was talking about, although one did state that he always resists grouping people under a banner no matter what they believe and prefers to avoid those with “groupthink.” One was concerned that I thought she didn’t think of me as a friend anymore because of the question and she wanted to reassure me that she did and offered a blog that might help me find the answer I was looking for. Yeah, don’t laugh…or do. Like I wrote, I have been on their forum a long, long, long time, they are old and not healthy anymore, but they are my friends.

    So..I searched for “atheist agenda” and found this at Conservapedia, which I posted on their forum to see if they have anymore ideas about our evil agenda. I think there is a photo of Stalin at the top.

    I also found a extensive page at and it is just full of advice for understanding and dealing with atheists. Just in case you are bored or something…

    The atheist agenda refers to an extensive ideology and programme, common to avowed atheists (Atheists commonly fall on the left aisle of the political spectrum. See: Atheism and politics and Secular left).

    The atheist Dr. Gordon Stein declared:

    “Atheism has long ceased to be a rare and oft-ignored philosophical outlook…It has transformed itself into an active political programme with clear objectives which, though they vary from state to state, unequivocally include the elimination of state religion, religious education, and the enshrinement of scientism.[1]”

    The atheist agenda includes these objectives:

    1 Removing creation science from curricula and outlawing its teaching in schools. See: Evolutionary indoctrination
    2 Outlawing personal religion in schools under the guise of “separation of church and state”
    3 Indoctrinating atheistic and evolutionary ideology through the education system, and thus the public at large
    4 Undermining Christianity and other organized religion through widespread misinformation and deceit


    • I’ve actually never looked it up mainly because I just don’t care what other people think may be my agenda. I don’t have one other than what I said. What believers think is an agenda is their own paranoia expressed and has nothing to do with anything becaise most of them have never bothered to know an atheist – even though their next door neighbor may be atheist. They project their own fears upon us when they can;t provide any evidence for those fears.


  5. I know, but since this is your topic, I thought you might be interested in what it is you are complaining about being associated with and blamed for. oh gawd, the grammar…

    Also, it works better for me to reply to you, then to find time to anxiously write my own topic. I will try to do something…sorry.


    • I don’t anxiously write. It sometimes takes me 3 hours to write a little post. I have an idea, then I have to flesh it out in my mind, start writing to see if it os going where I initially thoght, then actually complete it.


  6. I personally don’t think that God gives two shots about grammar or typo errors neither do I think the athiert do. This is America built under ONE. NATION, UNDER GOD, OUR MONEY SAYS IN GOD WE TRUST! IF YOUR BELIEF IS IN SOMTHING OTHER THAN GOD I FEEL THAT YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF BEING HERE OR EVEN GETTING TO PLEDG TO ALEGENCE. HOW DISREPECTFUL TO OUR BELIEVE AND ALL THAT OUR NATIONS WERE BUILT ON BE unrecognized by the people who come here.believe what you want.but don’t expect any of us who know better to treat you with liberty and justice I don’t believe that anyone would not want a savior and laws of God to rule naton,it’s a shame to see that all these religions have taken over our nation’s turns corrupt wicked the demise of our fallen nation’s all because of removing God from our lives without God you are nothing. I wonder sometimes of Wich human race you came to be.we are all brothers and sisters but under one God the king of kings good Lord people put down the Steven kimg books and open up the Bible read some thruth let the holy spirit protect you from wicked fleshly things that only make satin more powerful . Glory to God not to man.thats why this world is so need God.or ur just a lost soul walking the earth only to please urself
    How can you ever be an asset to our community.?????? Amazed at the way some poeple lack faith. How scary for you all


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