Accepting Each Other For Who We Are


I have to be honest, not just with myself but my readers as well. If you read here long enough you realize I’m a conservative. But insead of being some evangelical, I’m an atheist. How is that possible? How can someone claiming to be a conservtive, you know one of those nasty, ill informed people, actually be an atheist? Why are you claiming to be something you cannot possibly be?

It’s simple. Atheism has nothing to do with anyones political ideology, if it did, there’s be a lot fewer atheaists than have ever been polled. Most of you claim to be “liberal” but then , some of you are explicitly not liberal. In fact, if anything, some have become authoritarian to the point where they will not accept any disagreement. So, in my view. from a conservative platform, are those people really atheists as well?

Of course they are and my point is that we are very diverse and we should celebrate that fact.  But there are those atheists that would deny me, and you, the opportunity  to say what they think on any issue. Have an issue with transgender “rights”? You’re a bigot even if you have a competent agrument. How about policies that create more jobs? Well, if their not “green” jobs they’re just the same old thing that will eventually kill all of us.

We can’t seem to disagree about anything and  from what I’ve seen it has nothing to do with conservatism or liberalism. We atheists like to pretend we’re different from the general populayion but in fact we aren’t. Many want to claim being people of reason and rationality until out sacred beliefs are challenged. What does that make us?  Christians often say we’re no more than another religion. Are we? I don’t think so, but sometimes, just ocassioanlly, I find people who are atheists that would make me believe they are nothing more than another religious faction.

I like having discussions withother atheists, even if we happen to disagree on the topic.  We have a chance to learn from each others experience and possibly correct some long hed ideas that aren’t valid. We cn all talk to each other if we place aside the acrimony. It’s not that difficult and the sooner we start making the ateempt, the sooner we might be viewed less the enemy by non-atheists and discover that we have allies from all walks of life.

We don’t have to accept religion to do this, maybe be a little less the bully when it comes to confronting those that don’t share our view on religion, or anything else we may hold  as a belief. We need to get over ourselves before we can ask others to do the same.


9 thoughts on “Accepting Each Other For Who We Are

  1. I disagree with your theme, but I love the meme. I really get the feeling here that you are rightfully defending yourself while criticizing others for having their opinion. I agree that they are wrong, but so is 80% of the population. Our views are just that. They make us neither good nor bad. I once posted a list of my beliefs and opinions. One believer criticized them as nothing more than traditional Christian beliefs. I wonder if he considered the full effect of what he said. We have the far right and far left, filling out the between areas are liberals, moderates, and conservatives. I have often agreed with all three, depending on the issue. But I probably am a moderate who leans a bit left. I agree, let’s get over it.


    • There are those of us, as atheists, that identify as “conservative” are not well received by other atheists that think that atheism is not just a non-belief in god, but also a political ideology.


  2. The only reason to have online discussions with Leftist atheists is in hopes of reaching someone who may be reading. Those ranting at you, while foaming at the mouth, are not going to be interested in getting to know a different viewpoint from a Conservative or Moderate atheist.

    The time and energy spent defending a Conservative opinion gets old and wears on the nerves. They aren’t coming to any bit of enlightened ideas about us being as good as they are in any manner. They don’t want to share anything with us. They don’t want to find a common ground.

    Our atheism gives no commonality, even though it should, in my opinion. It just does not. There is not enough respect for that aspect of our lives to make up the difference between our political stances.

    In the end, it is not a belief or lack of belief that makes the difference, it is the political stance, which is why I have often written that I have much more in common with Conservatives who are theists than I do with atheists who are Progressive/Leftists.

    Get over it? Stop worrying about it. I finally have, but only just these past few months.


    • I know several on the left that are decent, honest people in what they believe and what they say. They don;t condemn others, like me, because I happen to think differently about a policy, but are open to discussion about it. We can all learn from each other if we make the tiniest attempt.


      • Yes, we can, but not if the Leftist atheists stop you at any Conservative utterance, because they just can’t tolerate your stupidity.
        So, converse with those with whom you can and don’t worry about the others, unless you enjoy being frustrated and insulted at the same time.


  3. In my younger days, I was convinced that religion was the problem that accounted for the kind of thing you describe here. I’ve since learned that this is not the case. Religion is a problem, but it is not the problem. Ideology, authoritarianism, and tribalism can explain this stuff fairly well without religion. And sadly, atheists are not immune to any of it. We can be every bit as irrational, close-minded, and fanatical about a cherished idea as any religious believer.


    • We both agree, sadly. It is that atheists will not come togehter, but are as tribal as any other demographic that bothers me. You’ve seen me say that there are those atheists that will not accept me simply becaise I identify as a conservative. There are those that, I’m sure, vilify you because you happen to have friendly conversations/discussions with one (or more) of those evil conservatives. Atheism is begginoing to look like religion:non-belief holds us together, but we are denominational.


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