No Sense in Hiding Anymore


Note: Satire attempted here.

I’ve decided to come. out, Yes, it’s time I let my readers here know exactly who I am. I’ve fought these feelings for most of my life but I’ve come to the conclusion at this point in my life I can no longer try to appear to be someone I am not. In fact, most people I know already suspect, they’ve just never had the nerve to confront me. I thought I had kept all of this well hidden,; maybe there was a slip of the tongue, or laughing at what may have been an inappropriate joke that gave others a clue, so its without any trepidation that now, everyone will know what some have long thought.

Yes, I’m a racist, bigot, and a misogynist.  I can’t recall a time when I haven’t held those feelings and I know where it began. No, I wasn’t raised that way, and yes, I’ve been friends will all races, creeds, colors, and people of different sexual orientation. Or so they thought when in fact I couldn’t stand any of these people.  Of course you’ve already guessed the origin, haven’t you?  Yes, it is at I’m a conservative.

Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence knows that conservatives, by their very nature, are racists and bigots. It’s even worse of you’re a privileged, white man, as I am. I’ve become the most despised demographic on the planet, and with good cause. I’ve had everything handed to me and what wasn’t, I walked over the bodies of those less than me, to get what I desired. All of we white males, especially the older ones like I am, who’ve  not had the benefit of a liberal education, are especially suspect.

I never had the opportunity, when I was younger to become – what’s the word used today? – woke,  and try to reeducate  myself that everything I thought I knew, or believed was wrong because of conservatism.  I don’t know that given the chance that I would have and I way to far along in life to become someone I just can’t become.

I do now realize though that’s it has been my conservatism all along that has formed these beliefs and feelings about others that don’t look, sound, or act like me. I won’t be ashamed of who I am, or apologize for the same.  Maybe if I’d just had that chance during college to understand that everything I am is essentially evil, I may have lead a different life. I didn’t.

I hope more of we that are conservatives will have the fortitude to confess what those that are more enlightened already know. It’s a burden that’s hard to carry and by writing this, I am released from that terrible weight everyone else knows that I have been shouldering.

There may be someone out there reading this, thinking about being a conservative and no, I would never dissuade anyone from being who they really are, but this tale is cautionary for just those. They cannot live a fulfilled life, and they will have few friends, always having to be on guard about their true intent and always under the glass of the enlightened ones.

5 thoughts on “No Sense in Hiding Anymore

  1. Jim, you forgot to mention that you are also a former Christian, so there is much for which you must atone there, as well. Just because you no longer believe doesn’t mean that much of you life was not spent in privileged religion status from a country that use to be a Christian nation.


  2. “Yes, I’m a racist, bigot, and a misogynist…Yes, it is at (sic) I’m a conservative.” Satire is difficult. I’m not sure that I would have posted this. I just quoted you accurately, but wrongly. It’s your blog and all of that, but as you said “attempted”…. you’re generally a serious and honest blogger. You might consider killing this darling. It’s not like you.


    • It was meant as a repsonse to 2 incidences recently: The first was some “informing” me that it was impossible for me to be an atheist and a conservative because atheists are ethical, compasionate, etc. The 2nd was that all conservatives are racists and bigots and therefore for me to say I was a conservative and an atheist, makes atheists look bad.


      • In context, sure. And sarcasm is deserved. It sounds to me like some folks understand neither atheist nor conservative, and maybe not liberal. But your readers do not know that part about it being a sarcastic response to a stupid comment, unless you tell us. I would say that if anyone makes atheists look bad, it’s the ‘stereotypers,’ not you.


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