The Involuability of Speech



I’ve written about free speech on many occasions, too many to link here. What I have used as my guide is my country’s 1st Amedment which basically states tht government may not impede our right to say what we happen to believe. That amendment though is about political speech, and nothing else.  It doesn’t address, directly , any speech outside of that which has become for many a conundrum.

That freedom doesn;t come without some consequences. For instance, anyone making a public statementment that their company is chating their customers, is probably going to be fired – and with good cause.  The endgame may turn out different, but it’s still the companies right to terminate any employee that would place theat compnay in a bad light.

We cant even have opinions anymore that may offend someone. Where are those same free speech advocates when someone, a celebrity,  says something that has for some become anatema? They’re gone. Thise that refuse to accept homosexuality or transgenderism are immediately condemed and even silenced while others that promote  the death of an entire people without consequence.

What does this say about western society when only some speech is acceptable? Think about that for a moment. It’s okay to call for the destruction of an entire people, but someone saying they’re against same sex marriage requires all of us to minimalize that person, to the extent they are eventually silenced.

Those that advocate for free speech should be the same that speak up for those that may evoke thoughts that they may vehemently disagree with. There’s no such thing as “hate speech” even though there are countires, yes, those western countries that have been in the past the same that spoke out agains speech rules. Today, the’ve embraced them to the extent thst a citizen may be prosecutef, even jailed, for making statments that may offend others.

Not speech that would incite to violenve, just a disagreement, however placed, that may be deemed to cause harm to another community. When we witness the same on social media, why are we surprised when certain platforms will suspend, even bam people for saying those same things that could result in an adjudication?

I’m a free speech advocate but I am also aware that in our celebrated western society, that not all countries accept the idea their citizens should be free to express themselves in any way they want. Even in my own country, there are politicians, left and right, that are in favor of banning certain speech because that same speech may offend someone or a group.

It’s startling to me as well as disapointing that we may shortly lose what we’ve always considered a human right. The problem is that there are some humans that believe their speech is what should be considered acceptable and that those of us tha may disagree should be considered no more than criminals.

One thought on “The Involuability of Speech

  1. Almost everyone values free speech when it comes to their own speech. It is the speech of those who dare to hold different opinions that many seem to find so “problematic.” As long as tribalism reigns and we are willing to dehumanize those who disagree with us for disagreeing with us, I suppose it is inevitable that we should seek to silence them.


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