Why is the Media Outraged Over a Dance Video?



I thought I would say something today concerning the media over-coverage of the video that went viral of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, dancing back in 2010. I kept seeing tweets from news organizations (e.g. The Hill, Newsweek, CNN) whose headlines read something to the effect that conservatives were outraged by the video. I think this would qualify as fake news.

As a conservative, I happen to also follow many of the same on social media. Other than a tweet, which I didn’t happen to capture, from an account that has since been deleted, I saw zero evidence that conservatives were outraged by the video. Why would we? It’s harmless, it occurred during her college days, and as far as I could tell, doesn’t make her look like anything other than someone having fun.  Sure there were some that made fun of her dancing, but that falls far short of outrage.

Of course, the media interprets anything they see like those tweets as an attack on a progressive Democrat. She didn’t help  herself by tweeting, “It is unsurprising to me that Republicans would think having fun should be disqualifying or illegal”.  No one I saw said anything remotely close to that. I’m going to guess and say that her tweet was based on media reaction and not actual tweets aimed at her.

I really only have 2 problems with her: The media has crowned her as the “It Girl” in Congress, interviewing her endlessly while other new members go wanting for even a quote somewhere. The other is I of course disagree with her policies as I see them as destructive in the long term. But then, that’s politics isn’t it? We may all agree or disagree with any of our elected representatives, but none of that should have anything to do with a video made 8 years ago in college.

That the media see any criticism of a progressive, even just making fun of someone, as an attack and label it as that people are outraged should be a clue no matter liberal or conservative. You can bet, as in this case, there was none, and that the stories are simply click-bait.


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