Atheism Speaks


When I write about atheism, especially my own experience, it’s not to convince anyone of any faith that they should give up what they believe and deconvert to atheism. The real reason is because it’s important for those that are believers that may read this blog to understand that essentially, atheists are no different they they are.  I’m unsure how many of those come here and read because I rarely, if ever, receive any comments on any posts from a believer.

True, I do write about what I think about religion, how it deceives people, and how, over millennia, it’s been more destructive to cultures and societies than anything else we’ve ever experienced or known.  Some would say the opposite, that religious belief  has made us who we are today but there’s no historical evidence to support any assertion that religion has advanced any society.

Of course, believers take offense at what online atheists say about their respective beliefs, but that’s no different than I, a conservative, criticizing liberal policies or vice versa.  How often, online to we all see those criticisms? Of course, we have to be aware, no matter where we are politically, to recognize the lies and misinformation that seems to be prevalent, but the same cannot be said for religion.  The history is well documented.

The reason we all see more vocal atheists online is simple: we’re tired of being slandered. Theists make all sorts of false claims about atheists that, if anyone bothered to investigate, would find that to be true. So, one way to fight back, is to be vocal, something theists have never wanted us to do. In the words of a friend of mine, all we’re trying to do is normalize atheism to the general population.

We don’t construct falsehoods against theists to make a point, what we do is show the inconsistencies in their belief system they themselves are always stating as fact. Of course the recriminations come quickly and in some cases, don;t appear to be very “Christian” in their content. But that’s okay because the purpose to to make someone stop and think for a moment. Of course, no one likes seeing their sacred beliefs, no matter what they are (political, religious) mocked openly, but in today’s environment, what goes around, eventually comes right back at you.

We’ll continue to write and tweet, and post on other social media as we want. People should understand that it’s not an attack, but simply displaying  for all to see, the hypocrisy of religious belief.

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