Sticks and Stones



I was recently tagged into a conversation on Twitter concerning the bankruptcy of the far left, specially those we have often referred to as Social Justice Warriors. When ?I began this blog in 2012, I wrote a lot about them , notably a few from one specific blog site. there’s was so much to criticize there, at that time, that it was almost impossible to not find some ridiculous position taken by one or more of those bloggers on any single day.

I don’t keep up with any of them anymore, but some people I follow on Twitter do keep tabs on a few of them. After all the major fail over the years, nothing seems to have changed. I would like to think that in that same period of time that I had become more informed and that my conversations, even posts, have become more nuanced. not so with some people. Some of the posts I have recently been directed to are no different in any manner than some from six years ago. Think about that for a moment. although these same people have lost a majority of their audience, they can’t see that it is because of their toxic behavior that drove away all those except their extreme (like them) sycophants.

The gist of the Twitter conversation I was tagged into is that these people did more in a few years to hurt the cause of atheism, and atheists in general, than anyone else. They made skeptics, and skepticism itself, appear to be nothing more than some group of sexist, misogynist, racists. No, I’m not using hyperbole here. All anyone would have to do is go back and look at what these people were writing,

Today, we would refer to these as the regressive left. There agenda is clear, to tear down those that may hold a different opinion, left or right,. Most people I know, or am familiar with that are liberals find these people scary. In fact, they, at least most I’ve had discussions with would refer to people like this as distinctly illiberal. Atheists have a tough time as it is without having some of these intellectual midgets (I would be excoriated for using that word) doing all they can, in the name of atheism, to tear apart what we have attempted to accomplish,

I’m not saying we should shun or even dissociate from people like these, We should, at minimum, ignore them, of course that wouldn’;t change behavior so I think we should actively oppose those that would attempt to tear us apart. It isn’t important to me what side of the political or social scale anyone is on. We should be able to come together and agree that those that would try and divide atheists, are those we will not let stand unopposed.



2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. Ignore or vocally condemn? That was always the question with which I struggled. In the end, I’m not sure it mattered much. They are still at it, and there still seems to be quite an audience for that sort of thing.


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