Life Without God



On occasion, I am asked how it is I live without belief. What’s meant is belief in God. My response has mostly always been that I don’t really ever think about it and proceed to ask the person, if they go around all day thinking of their God? Well of course they don’t, but for some reason, not believing in any gods or spirits or demons is a strange way to go about life. What difference it makes has always puzzled me, and that there are those that cannot imagine a life without some sort of metaphysical belief, is sometimes beyond my ability to grasp.

Of course I too was once a believer, but the further away I am from it over the years, the less I understand what it is that has people wanting, needing to believe in something that they cannot see, or touch, or hear.  And how do those same believers square with the fact that God is different, depending on which denomination one holds to. Just take a look at Catholicism, Anglicanism, Baptists, Methodists, and more to notice their interpretation of their holy text is different in substantial ways from one another. Although yes, they believe in the one God, that’s where it ends.

they spend endless time through their apologists, and scholars, defending their system of belief through the bible. So who’s interpretation os correct and who’s is not?  I view it as going to a buffet restaurant and picking something from steam tray A, sometheing else from C, skipping B because that tray is something that doesn;t work well for my digestion. Religious belief is the same thing isn’t it? Pick and choose what makes you comfortable and pass on those things that don’t seem to go down as well.

Consider just two examples:

Predestination: The belief that a person is chosen, before birth to enter Heaven. It doesn’t matter how good a life is lived or not, that person, at the end of this life, will go to Heaven. No one knows who those people are.

Once Saved Always Saved: The belief that once a person has accepted Jesus as their savior, even if later that person turns away, will still go to Heaven.

Where do these interpretations come from? Well, the bible of course. Same book, same God, different outcomes based on the same words. I’m confused. Are you? So does it matter if I believe or not? In these examples, it doesn’t.

So a life without any god means what? Actually nothing as those that believe cannot decide amongst themselves what God wants from them.

One thought on “Life Without God

  1. Life without god means I can accept reality on reality’s terms. Life without god means I don’t have to suspend my critical thinking and hypnotize myself into believing of bunch of religious facist nonsense about my soul.


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