I Believe Sarah



I recently wrote this post about Sarah Braasch. although the post seems to be well received by you, my. readers, no one bothered to comment one way or the other. That’s okay, I don’t expect people to comment on every post, but I thought this ws an important piece that I hoped others may get behind, research it as I did, and form an opinion. I was also hoping that some would subscribe to her channel on YouTube, where they would be able to hear from Sarah herself.

I won’t say I’m disappointed, it takes a while as I;ve seen to build subscribers on YouTube, but I was hoping that between my initial post, and my buddy Gretchen’s, we would see more people becoming interested in what I have determined to be a dereliction of justice. Of course, in these times, with universities cowering to the minority of the hard left,  I am  unsurprised in general that there are some that always need to create a new boogeyman, It’s disheartening and I pretty sure I will resarch any higher education  institution that my daughter may be accepted. Let me just say, right now, it won’t be Yale.

It’s not just that university, but that there are many, even if she was offered a full scholarship to, I would tell her No.  I am able to pay, today if she were college eligible, her entire expenses to receive a good education. It has been the focus of my life since her birth and  I would never, ever, place her into a school that doesn;t allow their students to  question that which they are being told.

But Sarah’s situation is different, She’s not an undergraduate but a PhD candidate. She actually doesn’t need this degree as she’s  is already a lawyer, a JD. she could’ve continued her career in law.  i actually know what that’s about. After receiving a single PhD, I went for another, because it was something I wanted to do.

I’ve never been in Sarah’s s situation. I’ve never had people accuse me, even though I’m a conservative, as being a Nazi, or White Supremacist, Scary isn’t it? Imagine, that  you are accused of being that? No proof, just two people, on national television making that claim, and none print or electronic, looking for your response to those allegations.  Overnight, your reputation isn’t tarnished, but destroyed. the online mob, and we know it’s common, threatens your life.

It’s easy for any of us to take what we’ve read about anyone as fact. But as we know, or should, we aren’t able to do that any longer. the reason is, no matter where any of us are on the left/right spectrum, we have to be very skeptical of what we read or hear. Unfortunately, most are only interested in confirming that bias they already have.

When you’re deplatformed, not just on social media, but in general, it’s hard to tell your side of the story. No one, no one, wants to hear from you. All have concluded, that you must be some evil person.

Why, am I,  a conservative taking on Sarah’s cause? It’s really simple. I don’t t have to agree with someone to understand that this person may have been defamed by those that would want to silence her. I don’t care what someone’s politics or social beliefs are, when i see someone that has been disparaged to the point of fearing fo their life? I have to speak up.

I have no idea as to what Sarah says is true or not. What we should all consider however is that in none of the media, print or electronic, was there an attempt to hear her side of the story. It was immediately assumed that Sarah was a racist.  It’s that which makes me skeptical and therefore willing to hear her side of what occurred.

As I’ve said, I;ve  never met Sarah personally, nor have I ever spoken with her. All of our dialogue has occurred over Twitter, and none of it through DM’s. You may view our conversation via my account, @jeh7041, and hers, @sarahbraasch1 if you desire. What you will discover is that Sarah has been very open to me: Someone she doesn’t know at all.

I think there are many reading this that may recall at some point in their life, where we were   accused of something, a word, a phrase that was taken to be something other than what was intended. Consider, calling neo-Nazi’s “silly” as being an affirmation of their belief.  That’s the evidence some want us to believe about Sarah from a decade-old blog post. Maybe using that one word was inarticulate, but in context, does that describe Sarah as a supporter? Of course not,

I can;’ remember, those years ago when I attended college, of anyone accused of those that Sarah has been accused of. Call me a skeptic in that when someone is raked over the coals, and the same people  refuse to hear the other side of the story? Well, I as well as anyone else should disbelieve what we are told.

I do have my own theory, but have decided not to present it here based on Sarah’s.  It’s not that her  videos don’t  support her position , but I  think she’s reaching for something and  it’s that the more I learn from her presentations, the better I  refine what i think as to why this happened to her .I will, in the near future present my theory, and it may surprise all of those reading this today. I need more information to of course to present that theory.  What I am currently doing is combing through all of the specious articles written about her, to find s0me single theme throughout. I think I may have found it but need more time to place all of these together, in a single timeline, to verify what i believe currently to be true.

I may find that the route I am taking goes nowhere.  That’s always possible and I won’t deny, if I can’t correlate what I’ve discovered so far, that I was in fact wrong. I don’t believe I am.

Here’s my challenge: Either Sarah’s an incredible liar, and I’ve met a few in my life, or she’s telling the truth in her videos.  Take a look at her presentations. I’ve done a few interrogations in my life and there are a few giveaways a to whether a person is telling the truth or not. First, she’s holding the camera, her phone, in her hand. It rarely wavers, if at all. Steady, even though in her early videos she apologizes for the video quality itself. More important is that she looks directly into the camera, unless she’s referring to her script that she’s reading from. This is a huge tell. When she’s looking into the camera, her eyes never waver.

Why are these important? A serial liar would not be able to hold a camera for 10 minutes and their gaze into the same camera would be interrupted by their eyes moving from one side to the other, meaning that they are either trying to remember something, or they are making it up. It’s basic psychology. Also, listen to her tone, which rarely changes even though most of us, if what occurred to her happened to us., would be dramatic. A liar, in my experience would, and has, emphasize certain aspects of their story to make us believe they must be telling the truth. Even as they plead their case, the evidence presents another story, that has nothing to do with what I’ve heard.

From all of this, anyone with the simplest of understanding will know that I believe Sarah. I’m not a fool, or easily fooled. I perform the research myself and don’t depend on what others may have to say one way or the other. there’s a lot of column inches written against her, and even more , TV interviews where her side is never presented. As a skeptic, that worries me.  Is Sarah the patsy for some other agenda? That’s actually one hypothesis I hold, but I have no evidence to even declare it a theory.

I am, however, more sympathetic to Sarah’s case only because she has placed more facts in the open, than any other source I can currently find. No one, to date, has denied any of what Sarah has presented. I think her attitude is bring it on.  I agree.







3 thoughts on “I Believe Sarah

  1. What I wanna know is, is she now saying that the police are lying and she didn’t really call the police on someone for sleeping in a common area? Because that’s what the cops said. I’m more inclined to believe them in this particular case because this is apparently her SECOND time calling the cops on a black Yale student.

    I’m about to watch her I’m-the-real-victim-here Youtube videos to see how much of her story changes.


    • The author of this piece semi-whines that few people comment on his pieces. Yet he doesn’t bother to engage with the comments he does get. He should have responded to you thusly:
      A. There is no mention of the police anywhere in the article.
      B. Elsewhere, she in fact does NOT say she did not call the police; she says she did not call 911 but, rather, the non-emergency police number.


  2. A. You write like a mediocre 7th grader. I can’t believe you have a PhD.
    B. Trembling hands is not a sign of a liar. It is a sign of stress hormones. A person not comfortable with public speaking but telling the truth will tremble. A person telling the truth while fearing the consequences of not being believed will often tremble. A person who just produces more stress hormones, either due to natural biological variability or past trauma, will often tremble even when telling the truth. Conversely, an accomplished liar will look you in the eye with steady hands and lie, lie, lie. Your powers of deduction and logic are as pathetic as your writing.


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