Doing What’s Right, Because it’s Right



Whenever I see someone in trouble, my first thought is why that person doesn’t hire a lawyer? Of course, there are many reasons, mostly that they may not be able afford to bring representation on-line. Any of us may be accused, defamed for something perceived, even a straight out lie. We should be able to bring forward against those that may have defamed us, only to restore our name and reputation. It costs money to do that, and ther are those that may not be able to afford  representation to actually bring a case against those who should be called to account.

I often see people online discussing human rights.  Those usually include the right to a home, healthcare, education, and various other rights as are determined. How about the right to justice? Simple justice where a person or persons may not make scurrilous accusations against another without a scintilla of proof? Having the same ramp up mobs that place someone in fear of their life? How is this possible and how do we allow this in our so-called modern society?

It’s easy to blame social media, and in fact, it does play a part but how much of this are just we, people that believe that whatever we read or hear must be believed?

Some of you may be thinking I’m, writing about Sarah Braasch, and you’d be correct. Think for a moment id this were you and what you’d do to restore your name and reputation. I;ve done some considerable research over a short time, and I can only say this: Sarah is innocent. Lets play a game hee: If Sarah was a person of color would this story ever have been written or reported? Even beyond that, if the accuser wer white; would anyone have to go through what Sara is currently experiencing? In either case, I would have to say the answer would be no. 

Why is it that media would pick this story and of course make an unfounded accusations of racism? It’s good for clicks on websites as well as viewers on television. How many times have we witnessed media engaging and promoting mob tactics? Anyone recall the recent event at the Lincoln Memorial with some high school kids? A media created mob.Clicks and views is all they care about. Truth has become something rarely instituted, as most outlets are ideological and have no mandate to actually report the truth of any story.

Of course, we are to blame as well; We tend to believe that someone is evil based on that same reporting but let me ask another question: If sitting on a Jury would any send someone to prison for life based on the evidence seen as that against Sarah? And if you would, why would that be the case?

that which we have called skepticism, we’ve left behind, ?We;ve all become to accustomed believing what we’re told is true rather than take even a few minutes of out very busy days, to confirm one way or the other. Instead of letting others think for us, maybe we should start thinking for ourselves.


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