They’re Coming To Take You Away



Some things just never seem to end. It doesn’t matter the argument, how well it’s presented, how reasoned, there are people whose entire lives are agenda driven and they will have nothing to do with that pesky reason thing. It’s almost become a religion, yet those that practice would never admit that what they say or do is anything but a form of rationality even though anyone may point out the same with any religious belief. That’s the way online mobbing works. A few people ( as few as a single person) criticize someone else, not actually ptoviding any actual evidence, just that they disapprove of whatever this person may have said, or wrote, and the entire woke universe believes it has to chime in, because, no one would actually make something up about another, would they?

It happens more than we may believe. We have no control over what we may say, a stupid joke or whatever, that someone may take offense and have us either suspended or actually banned from Twitter, Facebook, etc. Think about some of the great comedians of the past: George Carlin and Richard Pryor just to name two of the funniest people I’ve ever listened to in my life. Does anyone believe that if they were still living that any of these platforms might have banned them? How about Cheech and Chiong, who I used to laught so hard listening to their records when I was young. All of these were completely politically incorrect by the standards that have been set recently by those that tell us that we cannot make any disparaging remarks about anyone that may be considered in an aggrieved class. That’s the end of comedy, isn’t it?

Someone makes a GIF of some politician and a major media outlet doxxes him, because the GIF is insulting to some preferred politician. This is where we are today. Even here, where I write, if someone decided that my blogs may be offensive to some person or group? WordPress would cancel this site. I’m not kidding. We no longer have a right in this digital age to say anything that may be objectionable to someone else. Our voices are slowly being killed by the mob and because we may not like the person, we’re too accepting of when  people ar prevented from speaking their minds, no matter the subject.

It’s getting to the point where people are actually afraid to express themselves because, as in some countries (England, for one) they may actually spend time in prision. That hasn’t happened here in the U.S., but it’s coming. The longer we sit back and say nothing because the only people being banned are those we dislike, the sooner it starts to happen to those with whom we agree with.

Maybe it’s time to leave all of this nonsense behind and go back to interacting with people on a personal level. Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “They’re Coming To Take You Away

  1. First, I remember this song fondly from my pre-teen years. Thanks for the memories.
    Second, my first thought was, “What and leave them to win?”
    My third thought was, “Aha, if we abandon their methods of communication, then they can no longer control us. Hmmm..”

    You may be on to something. But, let’s get real; nobody of this age is going to abandon their medium and most of us have gotten far to at ease with it…okay, lazy…and are not going back to writing letters and mailing them to friends. Plus, self publishing hard copies? No way.

    So, instead, let us all work hard on getting ourselves banned. Hahahaha!

    No? Well, then we must devise a method of writing what we mean to say by hiding it between the lines, as they, who were anti-PC before us, have always done.

    Honestly, I “believe” that this condition cannot last. What will go a long way to busting it is a huge Conservative win in the next election. I “believe” that the useful idiots and their handlers will fade away or at least crawl back under their rocks. We mere humans will be left to our own devices and means of sorting out our disagreements and recognizing our faults and working on our differences…and humor will be a big part of our lives again, because we all will realize that life is funny for everybody with skin no matter what color it is and our beliefs and notions are even funny when we honestly consider them ourselves, so there is no reason to get our panties in a twist over what somebody else thinks.

    And…together we will choose to live free, knowing that to do so we must all fight against anything or any group that would enslave our minds and bodies and destroy our future.

    The end. Oh, and they all lived happily ever after.


  2. What follows is a joking parody:

    Well..I finally realized that I am horribly offended by your photo at the top of this blog entry. I protest it based on the fact that “so-called” by the “experts” several “mental illnesses” run in my family.

    AND, my sister once endured the discomfort of a strait jacket and once bed restraints during a SPIRITUAL QUEST she had as a young woman!!!!

    How dare they and how dare you? I am insulted in her name and, despite the fact that she has had a wonderful and life-long, successful career as an educator in early childhood education, plus a happy life and good marriage, because her medications worked well or she found her SPIRIT WELLNESS, I consider her a VICTIM OF YOUR DISRESPECT and am protesting.

    The parody is ended.

    Does that sound about right?

    You know I am just joking around due to boredom on this rainy afternoon…yes?
    Still…you can’t do anything properly, because something will offend somebody, who is seeking to be offended.

    I hate it all, and if we don’t get this righted, we may just find that it is better to just stay off the internet, get on with our lives and take care of our families…and let the rest go down the drain.

    Nah, I don’t mean that either.


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