Putting a Bully in Their Place


Bully Concept Watercolor Word Art

We’ve come to a point where words no longer have the effect they used to have. We often use the terms, Racist, Nazi, or White Supremacist , to refer to those that do not have the same political or social outlook we think they are supposed to have, but in the last decade or so, those words have been used so much to describe those we may dislike, that they have actually lost their real meaning. Just because someone happens to differ in their view with what someone considers mainstream, does not necessarily make them any of the above.

What is mainstream today? I don’t believe there is any actual view on any topic that may be considered that simply because society is diverse and we have access to information that even twenty years ago was unavailable to the general public. There was a time when those referred to as racists, Nazi’s, or whatever, were readily identified. I grew up in America during that time. Now, however, the same words are used in an attempt to silence anyone that may have a different opinion on an issue. I live close to the U.S.-Mexico border ( about 20 miles), and I am for strong border security. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been referred to as a racist for stating that I think we need better border security. That epithet (that’s how it’s meant), means nothing to me, nor to anyone else I know.

It’s easier to name call than make an actual argument. What thgis means, is simpe for anyone that’s been paying any amount of attention: be careful what you say online because there will be someone that will take offense and will then, especially on Twitter, will let all of their follwers know what a bad person said, and then, of course, expect to be mobbed. Even the media itself may pick it up (99% of their stories are derived from Twitter or Facebook posts) and it will become even worse for the person that may have just said something like I just did: We need better border security.

Today, saying anything that may inpugn another group, legitimate or not, is automatically assumed to be racist, or something. Islamophobic, wghich I have also been accused of being a racist about. Yes, really. Criticizing a religion is now racist. We need to be done with all of this. Ignore the idiots, and for those media sites that may deplatform soemone, tell them they’re done. Bt that I mean , delete your avvount if you have one. And for those in the media that support these methods, let’s contact their advertisers and tell them we’re not going to stand for their bias anymore. I’m generally against boycotts, but I will say that for some of these outlets, a few hundered thousand of us protesting may force a change. If it doesn’t, what have we lost?

It’s time to do something though. Let’s put the bullies, media or individuals, in their place.

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