Stay Tuned



Sorry for the deficit in blogging, I’m out of the country. I’ll try to do better of the next couple of weeks. It’;s tough though because we’re here for the Women’s World Cup – yes in France – and we’re out and about all the time when we’re not at a match. Of course we’re mainly following the American team, which every few days places us on a train for one place to another. As I write now, we’re in Paris, where the U.S. Women, on Sunday, defeated Chile. Really good game.

When we can, and everything costs money, we go to the next city and watch them train for a few hours. My daughter gets more autographs, and of course I think I’m going to have to buy another suiotcase as well because of all of the swag she’s collected. By late this next week, she’ll have all the jerseys (those are really expensive!) with all the autographs of the entire team. But, heck, it’s only money and if we have to come back in begin living in a cardboard box, so be it.

Yes, this is an expensive vacation and though kids believe their parents have infinite amounts of money, I’ve already told her not to expect any trip after this for a year – or more. We’ve has fun though. I’ve seen things here I never had beforew in France. Been to a couple of cities I’ve never seem before. I’m not a huge fan of this country, but everything has been going well – so far. So, I’ll try to be better at writing. It’s just we have no specific schedule here and some ecenings/mornings, I’m up at 3 am. Yikes!  From where we live, there’s a nine hour difference, and I have a hard time, even though I’ve travelled quite a bit, sleeping in hotels.

So, please be patient and stay tuned.

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