My Way or the Highway



Let me instruct you patiently how and what to think. You need to be instructed in how to use your own words, because words are weapons and may cause damage to another person. I’ll teach you why everything you believe is wrong and that only those that have the correct opinion, should be allowed to speak on any topic. We may disagree on the details, but I’ll work with you to make sure you understand that those details are generally unimportant and that facts that may dispute my opinion are only from those people that have a toxic agenda towards me and my fellow believers.

Only my definitions are correct and only my interpretation is valid. Using any other means that you’re in violation of The Pact of Social Discourse, which of course was written by me, and I will enforce this Pact by all means necessary. You cannot silence me, but I can, and will silence you. You have no right to your own thoughts and the expression of those beyond what I instruct you. Any deviation will be met with The Punishment that is reserved for those that refuse to comply.

Once you accept  that I am always right, then there will never be a need to enforce The Pact, and there will be no further need to discuss anything that is harmful to the greater good. I am the arbiter of that good and, if you appear to stray for a moment, will inform you so that your thoughts and expressions may be corrected and that none will  cause harm to Our Way. We all have an obligation to to ensure that our discourse amongst each other is representative of what we believe – that which I have instructed you – and that we do not allow those disaffected to remain a part of us. Those must be swept away, discouraged from ever having the audacity to challenge our perfect ideology.

We have the obligation to spread Our Way to every person and to marginalize, even destroy those that will not accede to our enlightenment.

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