Am I a Nazi or Fascist?


For the record, I want to let everyone know that I am the most racist, anti-semitc, and of course misogynist that has ever existed.   I’ve been called all of those things, along with “alt-right” (I have no idea what that refers to). It seems to be defined by the accuser. I’ve also had  “Nazi”  thrown at me. Cool. If I’m a Nazi, then I know plenty on the left that would easily fit in that category. I’m for free, unencumbered speech, as well as the freedom of/from religion.  Protest the current government? Of course! Assemble and protest whatever  policies are disagreed with. That’s purely National Socialism, isn’t it?

In the United States, we are completely unencumbered from having the government tell us what we must say, or believe. I am an unashamed patriot just because no one may tell me what I must believe, or accept. No other country on this planet allows it’s citizens just that. It’s not a privilege, it;’s a right, and we, as Americans take advantage of it when we want change, or not. Is it a perfect system? No. But look around and tell me where youd prefer to live. If you find another country that you believe is better? Go on – move.

You might be labeled a bigot for what you believe, but you still have the right, without fear of inprsionmenv, to believe what you want. I may doiagree with another person on social media and not be subject to arrest  because the police (England) are monitoring Twitter and Facebook posts, among other platforms.

You may not like my words, but words are not violence, no ,matter hw much those that claim to be “anti-facist” tell us. In fact, that is precisely a fascist ideal. anyone that disagrees is an enemy of the state. Opposition is not allowed. The violence here in the United States? It is from those same that decry “fascism” at every turn but it’s easy in history to determine the fascist from the anti-fascist. Look at eho wants to restrict your speech and other rights. In the 1920’s, in Italy, the fascists were known as the “Black Shirts”.Anything come to mind? Anything at all?

Speak your mind and don’t be afraid of any backlash. Just because you are outside some “mainstream doesn’t mean you’re wrong, but then, as well, don’t be afraid to be wrong,. We all are at one time or another and the best we can do for ourselves is admit we are wrong, We’ve all held opinions that, at some point in time were shown to be erroneous,

Depending on others to tell us what we should believe or not is exactly the wrong approach. Question everything. “Scientists tell us that..,” what scientists? Show me the data. How were the data collected? Was there any bias within the data that may be exposed? Meaning that were these same researchers biased toward one outcome over another? Think for yourself.

Spend less time believing what you are told and more time considering what is the truth of any proposition. You may be referred to as a Nazi or/and a Fascist, but what other people think is irrelevant, Trust yourself.



3 thoughts on “Am I a Nazi or Fascist?

  1. I enjoy your blogs, even though I am a “lefty-woolly socialist/communist/liberal (delete where applicable) atheist” or at least that is what the majority of Christians seem to label me as. I am also English/British/European, and you do our police a disservice. They don’t snoop on our Twitter and Facebook pages, unless something has been reported to them. We are proud of free speech here in the UK, but with Free Speech, comes responsibility. Where people make threats online, they have to be taken seriously, and they are. However, sadly, it does waste a lot of police time, as most aren’t real threats, but still have to be checked out.


  2. Honestly, most of them don’t even know what those words mean. They’re just throwing random insults because they think that you’ll shut up rather than be labeled. Just ignore it. That’s what I do. If they want to act like immature children, let them. It doesn’t bother me a bit.


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