Iraq: Let it Go



So, I’m hearing from sources this evening that based on the killing of Soleimani, that the Iraqi Parliament is going to vote, overwhelmingly tomorrow,  to have the Us leave. My sources are actually pretty good, normally. Here’s my reaction: Good. Let’s bring our troops home.

we’ve spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives freeing that country from a dictator (Saddam Hussain) that over years murdered thousands of his own countrymen. I was there when they were digging up mass graves of Kurds that had been victims of chemical weapon attacks. Men, women, children. Our mistake was beliving that the Iraqi people wanted to be like us. They didn’t and therefore we spent years more after capturing that country, attempting to rebuild it in our image. We, America, had no idea who we were trying to work for, nor what they actually wanted.

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed them coming closer and closer to Iran. Some, in Washington, can’t stand that. They believe that the Iraqi people “owe” us for their freedom.  None of these have any idea  how an acient people and culture think and believe. None of them have spent any time there, other than photo-op trips, to attempt to understand who these people are.

I’m with President Trump when he says he wants to end these “endless wars”. I was with him when he said it on the campaign trail;. The only Democrat candidate that echos this today is Tulsi Gabbard, who, realistically, has no chance winning the nomination of her party. But she’s right! As Trump was on the campaign trail and still is today. why do you think that john Bolton left as the National Security Advisor? He’s a warmonger that helped get us into Iraq in the first place. I lost friends there, and had others that came home wounded not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

We’ve spent trillions, as I said, trying to build societies in both Iraq and Afghanistan for people that a) We don’t understand the culture of and b) just want to be left alone. Sure, they’re happy that we removed the Taliban in one instance (not really) and Hussain in Iraq, but then after that? Go home. We always talk about people having the right to self determination. Fine. Let them have it. We’ll come home, have a few beers, hug our kids, and let you determine your future for yourself.

Let’s not only bring our troops home from Iraq, but close or embassy as well. When the Iranian IRGC roll their forces into Baghdad and start executing those that supported (or not) US involvement in that country, and beg for us to come help them? Our response should be nothing short of: You wanted Hell, you got it.


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