Nope. No New War for the Warmongers



I guess the US jut dodged another conflict in the Middle East recently. Unless you’ve been asleep, Iran launched a retaliatory strike  against American troops in Iraq, from their home country, using ballistic missiles. Whether it was luck or incompetence, there appears to have been no casualties. In fact Iran launched a total of fifteen missiles at at least two bases. al-Assad and Irbil, and none of them caused any sort of casualties at all. In fact, four missiles never made it to their destination which is a  26.6 percent failure rate.

There is of course a lot of speculation as to how they could have. missed and the best guess is that iran meant to miss so as to not escalate the matter further, but again, when there is a high failure rate of delivered munitions, the thinking should be a bit broader.

Personally, I’m glad this did not escalate beyond what it became because if any US casualties had occurred, there would have been all-hell let loose on Iran, probably their oil infrastructure, which would cripple their economy even further than the current sanctions.

I love it how the media has presented all of this. Yes, I’m being facetious. This people speculate endlessly without facts, as they did immediately after missiles were launched. Of course their bread-and-butter is death and destruction. of course, today, they are all coming across as so smart in their analysis, which is all from hindsight.

I actually don’t think Iran “avoided” US casualties, as the media are now saying, but I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure other than the fact of the high rate of failure of those missiles launched.

So there’s nothing for the warmongers to celebrate, thank goodness, and it appears, for now that nothing more will happen in the near future. Move on, media, to your next much anticipated tragedy or disaster.

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