The Atheist Vote


do we need to encourage atheists and secular people to get out and vote? I see some people on Twitter, atheists, encouraging their fellows to make sure they vote because, if nothing else,  atheists need to somehow demonstrate first, that We Are Here. Then, possibly, there might be a bit of recognition of what is importnt for those of us that are atheist voters.  But how would anyone know who’s an atheist and who’s not? How about polling before the primary season? What we do know, or think we know is that most atheists vote or lean democratic  in the US. But do all atheists have the same agenda and would a poll of voting age atheists influence candidates at any level in future elections?

Well, of course no one can say for sure but I think it’s because there’s not much data on voting age atheists. Sure, atheists may comprise more than 10 million people in our country, but how many of us are voting age? Five million? Eight million? Less? Consider though that there was a group of people, who are fairly diverse in their politics (some conservative, more liberal, and some progressive) that might want to have a say on where the country is going? What are, say five platform positions that we could generally agree upon?I would hope that church/state separation would be on that list as I think that crosses all of the political lines for atheists (well, most?). Beyond that though, do atheists mirror the general population? Probably yes but there may be a particular agenda item, other than church/state, that would poll higher for atheists than the general population. Universal health care? The last poll I saw on that is that some 70% of Americans want some form of this implemented. Tuition-free public colleges and universities? What else would be in your top five? I think that data would be interesting to know and would show how atheists are not monolithic. We might even discover something that most of us have never considered.

On the other side, it would be interesting for the general public to discover (possibly) that atheists are indeed not really any different than they aare; We have the same concerns about the economy, jobs, healthcare, etc. that they do and that data may assist in changing how atheists are viewed. I think having this demographic would show not only how atheists vote, but how many. Do we vote in the same numbers as the general public? Probably, but it could actually be higher. It may be lower and that would say a lot I believe. Like others though, I encourage everyone eligible to cast a ballot. You can’t have a say if you don’t vote.

9 thoughts on “The Atheist Vote

  1. Any exposure or interest in atheists is a good thing. Similar to viable third parties, it would be great to have a “seat at the table” so to speak. I think the end result might just be that we are alot like the rest of the population, which is a fine outcome – normalizing the stigma of atheism.


  2. Don’t know, are we really just like the rest of the nation or even sort of like each other? I did not vote for Obama or Hillary and I will be voting for Trump in 2020. Is that okay with the “collective”( if there is such a thing) known as atheists?

    No, they would most likely suggest that atheists, such as I, stay home if we cannot vote the “correct” way.

    Universal healthcare? No. The First Amendment? Yes. The Second Amendment never infringed? Yes. All of the Bill of Rights? Yes. Strengthening our Armed Forces, especially on the ocean and create a Space Force? Yes. Unfettered and tax payer paid for abortions? No. Forgiving student loan debt? No. Securing our borders? Yes. More self reliance as a nation? Absolutely a must. Keeping America Great and First in our concerns? Damn right.

    I do not represent the majority of atheists or the atheist foundations and they do not represent me.

    Yes, everyone should vote, but more importantly everyone who decides to vote, should vote as an informed participant of our political process and local, state and national discussions, which unfortunately cannot be had anymore thanks to the Leftists that control our media and the Democrat party controllers.


    • I am similar but different. I consider myself a libertarian. Maximum freedom with maximum personal responsibility. Limit government and taxation, but I’m not an “extreme” libertarian or anarchist by any stretch. I think as a whole atheists are similar to the rest of the population politically as in we are varied, but ultimately lean pretty left when viewed as a group.

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  3. Regardless of whether or not an atheist (any atheist) is left leaning or right leaning, you’d think that most atheists are likely to use logic and reason in the vast majority of their day to day lives. Therefore, can Trump really be the best option to vote for? I know I’m perceived to be a lefty-woolly liberal tree hugging, tofu munching atheist, but if I was a Republican, I’d rather waste my vote than see Trump serve another term.


    • While reason has led many a person to atheism, large numbers of atheists do not, as you suppose, employ logic or evidence-based reasoning on a daily basis. I personally know atheists who believe in premonitions, bad luck, chem-trails, chiropracty, reincarnation, etc.

      Although I am politically liberal and strongly dislike Trump, I take umbrage at your automatic assumption that a vote for Trump must be illogical. Among my acquaintances are many intelligent, rational individuals whose support for Trump is dispassionately calculated to promote certain issues they prioritize, and which they not unreasonably believe most Democratic challengers would threaten; namely: immigration control, reversing economic globalism, checking transgender extremism, Second Amendment rights, etc. In contrast, much of the ‘resistance’ {sic} to Trump is highly emotional, irrational and counter-productive, at times fully unhinged.


  4. So…you are voting for a Communist or a pitiful old man with dementia? Which one holds your support as the best candidate for America’s future?


  5. Hi Jim. Haven’t heard from you in a long time. I hope all is well with you and your family during this time of “sheltering in place” during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Hugs. -Jeanne


  6. As atheists do skew left politically, numerous left-leaning atheist activists argue this mandates atheists as a bloc to promote leftist causes. Nevertheless, a wide range of political ideologies are found among atheists. Any true ‘atheist voter bloc’ must accommodate all atheist voters. Also, as these leftist atheists gladly and openly collaborate with leftist christians on SJW causes, while urging moderate to conservative atheists to GTFO, their commitment to the ‘atheist cause’ is suspect.

    One also frequently encounters the argument that, if some people take a position on religious grounds — regarding abortion, for example — then atheists must reflexively adopt the opposite position. This is logically fallacious to the point of being blockheaded. By extension, since many religious individuals and entities are driven by their beliefs to engage in charity work, shouldn’t atheist thus oppose charity work?

    The only political position that an atheist qua atheist voter bloc should promote is separation of church and state.


  7. And..even that is open to individual interpretation of a non-existent “Constitutional” clause that is linked to the First Amendment. I would appreciate the Equal Access Act being enforced, which would force public schools or any schools that receive tax monies to make a choice, that is, to include in their school every single “belief system” held by their students or none. I vote for none…saves time and money. If my atheist kids could and grandkids can do without a constant backup in school for their atheism, then believing kids can do the same. Leave deity belief and superstitious nonsense in family and places of worship and off school property.

    I have no problem with believers expressing their beliefs while holding public office, as long as their policies and positions do not reflect dogmatic scripture. I figure we already had an atheist president in Barry Obama. Is Trump a Christian? Who knows and I don’t care that Pence is. Policy speaks. Prayer in the public arena is usually just positive well-wishing and reassurance of the masses and those are good things, IMO. Asking for a deity’s blessing does not hurt me and helps many. America is a religious nation and probably will be for many decades to come. Better than commie pinko atheists and hypocritical leftists, who profess to be religious.


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