Find a Story and Stick to it


It seems that the more we learn about this Chinese virus, the less we know how to confront it or adjust to it. I really don’t believe we’ll ever be completely free from what is known as COVID-19. We’re in no way doomed, it’s just a virus we’re going to have to become used to existing with. Sure, there’ll be therapeutics and there will be a vaccine, but it doesn’t mean that this virus will be eradicated from the population. Humanity have survived worse.

What bothers many, including myself, is the lack of information coming out about this virus and the information we do hear about, is often contradictory to that which we heard just two weeks ago.  I like the idea of states taking the lead for their own population: I would not like to see some national mandates because the virus presents differently depending on where a person lives.What I mean by that is, South Dakota hasn’t seen what Arizona (where I live) has seen, even adjusting for population. It’s coming down to this: no one believes anything said. That’s not good. When the government (federal and state) cannot be on the same page then of course people are going to be skeptical concerning anything coming out from either the Fed’s or the State. Some, of course, say that there’s an anti-science reaction to the pandemic. That’s fake news (you mainly hear that on CNN and MSNBC). The problem is the government, and scientists cannot come to agreement about the virus and therefore there’s a skeptical reaction from the public.

We hear about wearing a mask whenever we’re outside yet those that were outside looting and rioting a couple months ago (even currently) are somehow not at risk. So I should be wearing a mask in my vehicle by myself? How often should I disinfect surfaces? initially it was constantly because it was unknown how long the virus could survive on a counter top. Then it came out that, no, the virus wouldn’t survive alone on surfaces. Now, we hear again, about disinfecting common surfaces.  Please just stick to a single story. There’d be a lot less pushback if that were so. there’s no coalition of anti-science, there’s just a majority of people that would appreciate hearing the unvarnished truth without hedging every other week.

We’re exhausted.



One thought on “Find a Story and Stick to it

  1. Honestly, Jim, I don’t think this virus can have any consensus about it. It seems “designed” to be such that pinning down The Truth or The Facts about who gets it, when it is viable, its symptoms, its strength, its contagion factors is next to impossible. This is one virus that acts as if it was “intelligently designed” and in humans it has flexibility on how it will affect its host.

    So…do all of the above when protecting yourself and then act as if you are covered and try to relax into the “normalcy” of life. It amazes me that each time we think we know it, it proves us wrong. Still…we have gotten to the point that the regular flu is killing more than covid now, and we await a vaccine with two in the mass-trial period and one that will come with a six-month booster, like the new shingles vaccine. That last one is being worked on by Johns Hopkins. Fauci’s word carries little weight with me anymore. He is obviously political.


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