Get Over It


I was just looking through my blog drafts. I have so many yet finished. Sometimes, I begin a post and then lose why I am even writing. Yes, it happens. The initial passion, or whatever it is, fades and I close the post, hoping to come back to it at another point in time. I could easily continue to write about the same old thing – atheism – but that really doesn’t interest me much nowadays. What is going on with atheism that hasn’t gone on for the past decades? Nothing. The names have changed, but that’s about it.

\So I choose to write about whatever it is that’s on my mind. Here’s the issue” There’s very little on my mind. Sure I could write about the violence in the streets in certain cities, but those are local problems that ye, will become a wider problem unless local officials step up, but overall, I’m not concerned. I’m not concerned about Black Lives Matters. Have anyone noticed the advertising campaign on television. Millions of dollars have been injected into this organization without anyone stopping to think about what they believe or what their end-goal is, if any.

So it’s fine with me that NYC lets criminals out without bail to go on and commit further crimes. I don’t care that the murder rate in these same cities has doubled over the previous year. If their own elected officials don’t, why should I? People are fleeing these criminal sanctuaries: It’s noticeable that the Governor of New York has recently been begging people to come back because his tax base is fleeing. Why are they fleeing, Governor? Maybe your policies.

Two months ago, Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago did nothing to stop the rioting and looting in her own city. Today? she’s threatening to come after every rioter and looter. I wonder what happened to have her change her mind? Could it be the citizens of Chicago, who’ve been having to endure the shootings and the murders, especially high this year, are finally being listened to by the Mayor? Maybe it’s because, as polls show, minority communities want to see more police in their communities, not less.

Seattle is about to vote to cut police funding by 50%. If that passes and is signed into law, a once Great City in America, will become lost. Seattle has been one of my favorite destinations, but in recent years, their progressive politics have allowed this city to decline. We all hear about San Francisco, which was another destination for me at one time, but look what’s happened there. Expect, if the ordinance passes, for Seattle to become a desert a people leave in droves. Why was Amazon looking for a “second headquarters”? Think about it.

In war, you calculate the potential versus losses. In some cities in our very own country, maybe we need to make that very calculation. Is it worth the expenditure of resources (treasure, life) to save what is inevitably unsalable simply because, in the beginning, no one was willing to save themselves from their own poor decision making. When you raise your hands in defeat before the fight has even begun, well, its over.  There’s nothing you can do because you decided that your life was not worth fighting for. And here’s where we are today.

BREAKING: As I write this, Seattle City Council votes 7-1 to basically defund the Police Department.


So tomorrow we’ll wake up to a burning Seattle (in places) as the anarchists declare a win. The reason Seattle will be burning? No police presence and why would there be when those you work for want to cut your pay, etc.? An urban civil war is starting. Those that are unable to leave, become the hostages of those that want to rule by terror.

I have no desire to see this country devolve into chaos. It’s going to take a presence of our elected officials to make a stand and agree that we cannot let these cities be ruled by anarchy. But, it’s an election year and no one, at least on one side, cares about what’s going on, as long as the EVIL Red Haired Man, is defeated. Seriously. They care more about their power than the lives of the American people.

All we can do is vote. Whoever you support, for any Federal office, just VOTE. Make your wishes known. Let your local, state, and federal officials know what you think. In other words, “feet on neck” attitude. Make those officials responsive to you.

Rant. Over.

One thought on “Get Over It

  1. A good rant. Something like it runs through my mind at least once a day. You are correct that the best way regular citizens can hope to alter the current state of affairs is to vote. People manage to do and go anywhere else they wish, so they can damned well get to the polls and vote in person. Also, people can vote with their decision to abandon the chaos of poorly run cities and states. I am so glad we live in a mostly rural, mostly backwoods, mostly backwards part of the country.


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